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Fans Slam ‘Love & Marriage’ Ratings After Carlos King Speaks On ‘RHOA’

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Some fans are slamming the live ratings for OWN’s Love & Marriage Huntsville after creator and executive producer Carlos King took to his podcast to speak on this week’s episode of RHOA.

As longtime Bravo fans know, Carlos was a producer on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of New Jersey before leaving Bravo and heading to OWN to start up the Love & Marriage franchise and it is that past history with the network that keeps him talking about the Housewives on his podcast, Reality With The King.

On this week’s episode, Carlos King spoke about Kandi Burruss Tucker confiding in Sanya Richards-Ross about her ongoing feud with Marlo Hampton and according to Carlos, that was a wrong move on Kandi’s part considering she is not close with Sanya.

“Just because y’all vacationed together in Jamaica doesn’t mean that there’s an alliance,” he said of Kandi and Sanya’s relationship. “Now, it’s making me think you like alliances because — and y’all can drag me for this — I don’t believe in the Kandi / Kenya friendship. I think that’s an alliance.”

He continued, “It’s not genuine to me based on how Kandi treated Kenya when she got on the show because Kandi was indeed loyal to Phaedra [Parks]. Read me if you want to, I don’t buy it! I base things off of facts. If y’all believe Kandi and Kenya’s friendship is genuine… believe anything in the world.”

In another clip of his podcast that is making the rounds on social media, Carlos also takes on Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, accusing the fan favourite duo of also being an alliance and not a real friendship.

“If y’all think that the Kandi and Kenya friendship is real, y’all are the same ones that think Sutton and Garcelle are besties,” he said. “Let’s talk about it! Sutton would never in real life befriend Garcelle. It is all about the alliance.”

Garcelle and Sutton didn’t take too kindly to Carlos’ comments and quickly called him out for not having the facts.

“This couldn’t be more wrong but I don’t have to prove anything,” tweeted Garcelle.

“If they don’t know by now. SMH. Can’t make this friendship up,” Sutton tweeted in response. “Best thing that’s happened to me in a decade.”

Carlos’ comments about RHOA and RHOBH are lighting up Twitter and when TV Deets posted the ratings for this week’s episode of Love & Marriage Huntsville, also known as LAMH, things only went from bad to worse for the podcast host as fans began to slam the low live ratings and suggest Carlos pay attention to his own shows rather than Bravo’s.

Click Here for episode-by-episode ratings for LAMH Season 6.

This week’s episode of LAMH earned a 0.05 in the P18-49 demo and 276,000 live viewers in the ratings, a low number for both Season 6 and the OWN series overall.

“Maybe if the cast were in an “alliance” like Kandi and Kenya, he’d get RHOA numbers,” tweeted one viewer, dogging the LAMH ratings.

“Well, well, well…” tweeted popular YouTuber Ashley Miller.

“The ratings are down because THE PRODUCER of the franchise has not allowed the story/show to change/evolve since season 1… He also too busy in his closet reviewing other TV shows… #LAMH I said what I said,” added YouTuber Jay Lee.

A quick look at the replies and quote tweets on our ratings tweet and it’s clear: fans are not loving Season 6 of Love & Marriage Huntsville and while Carlos King’s strategy of saying controversial things about the RHOA cast to get his podcast talked about seems to be working, it is also losing steam very quickly.

Comparing Love & Marriage ratings to RHOA

According to a 2015 count, OWN is available in about 81.9 million pay television households and about 70.3% of all households with a TV in the United States. Bravo, on the other hand, is available to almost 89.8 million television households, or about 77% of all households with a TV in the U.S, according to a 2016 count.

While these numbers are not that far apart from each other, Bravo is a basic cable channel (meaning it is included in most cable packages) whereas OWN is an add-on meaning those viewers are already paying a premium to watch Love & Marriage Huntsville. Because of this, OWN numbers are expected to be lower than Bravo on average.

Shereé Whitfield LAMH trailer, LAMH Season 6 trailer, Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 6 trailer, OWN, Carlos King
Carlos King is facing fan backlash for commenting on RHOA when the ratings for OWN’s Love & Marriage are suffering. (Photo: OWN)

That said, there is some truth to the fact that ratings are down for Love & Marriage Huntsville. As previously reported, the LAMH Season 6 premiere earned a 0.06 in the all-important P18-49 demo and 288,000 live viewers back in April 2023, almost half the audience size of the Season 5 debut (0.11 / 495,000 back in September 2022).

Season 5 averaged a 0.09 in the demo and 459,000 live viewers just a few months ago and the trend for Season 6 has continued, with the highest-rated episode in overall viewers being Episode 9 on June 6 (0.06 / 370,000). Like many other networks, OWN does not regularly release DVR or delayed viewing figures and while it is possible the series is seeing gains once those numbers are included, the live ratings are still down season to season.

Your move, Carlos.

Love & Marriage Huntsville airs Saturdays on OWN with new episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airing every Sunday on Bravo.

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