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Below Deck Down Under Season 1 started out as a Peacock original but the spinoff is moving to Bravo for Season 2 (jump to ratings). 

Below Deck Down Under Ratings

Seasons: 2

Status: Currently Airing

Air Date: Mondays @ 8:00pm and 9:00pm

Network: Bravo

Cast: Captain Jason Chambers, Aesha Scott, Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Luke Jones, Adam Kodra, Harry Van Vilet, Laura Bileskalne, Margot Sisson.

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Official Description: Captain Jason and Chief Stew Aesha reunite for an unforgettable, full-throttle charter season with a lively new crew and wild guests in the stunning waters of Cairns, Australia – the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Jason is at the helm of the vintage M/Y Northern Sun, where he navigates tumultuous crew dynamics and unprecedented shake-ups throughout the season. Each charter includes nonstop adventure and breathtaking underwater sight-sea-ing, but unruly guests break Jason’s rules, putting their holiday in jeopardy. Now a more seasoned leader, Aesha takes on some of the biggest obstacles of her career while looking out for the crew’s well-being. Mouth-watering menus and flavorful spreads delight the guests, but frustrations simmer between Chef Tzarina and Jason when he assists in the galley. Initially understaffed, the deckhands make costly errors as they struggle to find their stride on the unpredictable, aging vessel. The interior experiences smooth sailing until a clash of work styles creates a rift between the stews. Unexpected newcomers rock the boat throughout the season, including a shocking franchise crossover with the arrival of a polarizing familiar face. A slew of hook-ups, break-ups, and a rare “love pentagon” leaves the crew reeling as tension spills over on deck.

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Below Deck Down Under Season 1 Ratings

EpisodeAir DateDemo (P18-49)ViewersEpisode Notes
S01E01July 11, 20220.16786,000
Season Premiere
S01E02Jul 12, 20220.15520,000 
S01E03July 19, 20220.12499,000 
S01E04July 26, 20220.16693,000 
S01E05Aug 2, 20220.15659,000 
S01E06Aug 9, 20220.15664,000 
S01E07Aug 16, 20220.15690,000 
S01E08Aug 23, 20220.11614,000 
S01E09Aug 30, 20220.12649,000 
S01E10Sep 6, 20220.13639,000 
S01E11Sep 13, 20220.11682,000 
S01E12Sep 20, 20220.12566,000 
S01E13Sep 27, 20220.09537,000 
S01E14Oct 4, 20220.15663,000 
S01E15Oct11, 20220.10384,000 
S01E16Oct 18, 20220.13664,000 
S01E17Oct 25, 20220.18666,000Season Finale
Season Average

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Ratings

EpisodeAir DateDemo (P18-49)ViewersEpisode Notes
S02E01Jul 17, 20230.19763,000
Season Premiere
S02E02Jul 24, 20230.23845,000 
S02E03Jul 24, 20230.16722,000 
S02E04Jul 31, 20230.21746,000 
S02E05Jul 31, 20230.15605,000Season Low
S02E06Aug 7, 20230.18781,000 
S02E07Aug 7, 20230.18770,000 
S02E08Aug 14, 20230.24873,000 
S02E09Aug 14, 20230.23803,000 
S02E10Aug 21, 20230.21812,000 
S02E11August 21, 20230.21780,000 
S02E12August 28, 20230.25920,000Season High
S02E13August 28, 20230.21840,000 
S02E14September 4, 20230.24909,000 
S02E15Sep 4, 20230.19787,000 
S02E16Sep 11, 20230.22825,000 
S02E17Sep 11, 20230.15726,000 
S02E18Sep 18, 20230.19824,000Season Finale
Season Average

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