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Ariana Madix Calls Scheana Shay “An Amazing Friend” Amid Backlash Over Tom Sandoval Photo

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Ariana Madix is speaking out in defense of Scheana Shay, calling her “an amazing friend” amid fan backlash over a photo Scheana took alongside Tom Sandoval.

“@scheana is an amazing friend who took a photo with a fan for their birthday,” Ariana Madix posted to her Instagram Story on Friday, July 21. “There’s been so many mean comments towards her for it and she was just doing something nice.”

She continued, “We always try to stop for fan photos and when the whole cast is present, it’s common for the whole cast to be in the photo regardless of what is going on between any of us at the time.”

As previously reported, Scheana Shay is on the defense with some Vanderpump Rules fans for taking a photo alongside Tom Sandoval while the cast was filming scenes for Season 11 in Lake Tahoe.

After popular Bravo fanpage @queensofbravo called out Scheana directly, the longtime reality star responded, squashing speculation she has forgiven Tom.

“Who said all is forgiven??” the Bravolebrity tweeted.

The fanpage’s posts have garnered a large reaction, sending many fans to Scheana’s social media who have left unsavoury comments for the Bravolebrity, even forcing her husband Brock Davies to come to her defense in his own Instagram statement.

“Caught in a moment with a fan, it’s hard not to reflect on the duality of public life,” the reality star posted to his Instagram Story on Friday, July 21. “Love and support on one side, and hurtful comments on the other – particularly about my wife. It stings, it’s personal.”

“Remember this – Vanderpump Rules is about real people, real friendships, and real emotions spanning over 15 years,” continued Brock. “This isn’t just entertainment, it’s a part of our lives you’ve come to appreciate. But with every unkind comment, there’s a real person at the receiving end. It’s not just a fleeting thought you share; it’s harsh words we read, feel and remember.”

Brock Davies and Ariana Madix are defending Scheana Shay after she was spotted in a fan photo with Tom Sandoval. (Photo: Instagram)

Brock went on to call out the fans criticizing Scheana Shay directly: “Ironically, many of you posting these comments would eagerly smile and ask for a picture if you met us, just like this fan did with Tom,” he explained. “But we’re not just here for the photo ops. We’re here living our lives, sharing our journey. It’s high time we promote respect and empathy, not just for the ‘characters’ you see on screen, but for the real people behind them.”

He continued, “Let’s make this community as real as the friendships you tune in for. Let’s make it better. And if you don’t get this, then feel free to say what you comment to my face…”

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Listen to new episodes of the TV Deets Podcast every Friday, streaming anywhere you get your podcasts.

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