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The ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunion Is Finally Here — Watch Now!

The special was a partnership between the Season 1 cast and the #GoodToVote campaign.

The Laguna Beach reunion, featuring a long-awaited conversation between Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad, is finally here.

Season 1 cast member Stephen Colletti uploaded the virtual reunion special to IG TV over the weekend, allowing fans to catch up in a really easy format.

As previously reported, the Laguna Beach reunion was a partnership between the Season 1 cast and the #GoodToVote campaign.

Original cast members Lauren Conrad, Stephen Coletti, Lo Bosworth, Trey Phillips, Talan Torriero, Deiter Schmitz, Morgan Olsen, Loren Polster, Christina Sinclair, and Kristin Cavallari were all apart of the special which had the goal of registering 500 people to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election prior to the reunion actually being released. (According to a write up from Entertainment Weekly, the cast more than achieved that goal.)

Kristin and LC settle their feud

Ahead of the reunion, Kristin Cavallari opened up about reuniting with Lauren Conrad (also known as LC) and putting their seasons-long feud behind them. According to Kristin, who went on to star on E!’s Very Cavallari, the two have made up and no longer have any issues with each other.

Kristin appeared on Brett Gursky’s On The List podcast, opening up about filming the reunion with so many familiar faces, saying the group had “so much fun” getting together, according to a write up from PEOPLE.

“I think so much time has passed and what we went through was so silly and it was so high school, I’m pretty sure we’re both over it at this point,” she said, laughing.

WATCH: Laguna Beach Reunion

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Laguna Beach premiered on MTV in 2004 and followed a group of high school students in, you guessed it, Laguna Beach, California. The show focused mainly on Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, paving the way for Lauren to leave and start The Hills, which would go on to become arguably the network’s most well-known reality show to date.

While Laguna Beach has remained off the show ever since, a new reiteration of The Hills is expected to return for a second season later this year.

Click Here to watch the Laguna Beach reunion.

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