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How Hulu Continues to Enhance Viewer Experience

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With streaming giants battling for more viewers, Hulu has been incorporating outstanding strategies to offer customers experiences that keep them hooked. For instance, it became the first streaming platform to offer TV shows as opposed to the popular norm of streaming movies. By incorporating TV shows into its streams, Hulu attained a significant competitive edge against its competitors. 

The platform allows viewers to enjoy shows like The Bear even if they miss the TV broadcasting. As other competitors have also started integrating TV shows, the competition has grown even stiffer, inspiring Hulu to be more innovative.

Creating Flexible User Experiences

With some studies showing that online businesses that focus on users more than buyers register remarkable success, Hulu has been focusing more on how viewers use its products. While the company seeks to attract new users, the end goal is not just positioning products in customers’ minds but positioning the products in their lives. As such, Hulu offers a flexible user interface across different channels, allowing content viewership from laptops, phones through the Hulu app, Roku, etc., without compromising quality. 

Other entertainment spaces like iGaming also integrate mobile apps with flexible interfaces into their offerings to enhance customer experience. In the casino industry, for instance, companies like PENN Entertainment are launching online casinos that have dedicated iOS and Android apps to cater to a wider audience. With these apps, players can access various bonuses like the Hollywood Casino WV promo code and a wide selection of games to enhance their experience. Furthermore, with these mobile apps, gamers can engage with games on the go, enhancing gaming convenience. 

Hulu’s user interface categorizes content to cater to different tests, ranging from Oscar-Nominated films to the Most Popular films. The platform also offers customized suggestions based on viewing history, ensuring you encounter content that fits your preference. 

Hulu, streaming, now streaming, streaming service, Television, reality Television, movies

Attention to Customer Feedback

In 2017, Hulu significantly updated its product offerings by launching Hulu + Live TV. This simplified version of cabled TV offered approximately 65 channels and an entire library of movies. The Live TV was widely received, with most viewers flocking in to watch sports without paying for cable. 

However, as many customers joined Hulu, there were complaints about the platform being complicated to use. Being sensitive to consumer feedback, Hulu expressed the plan to better the platform in 2017 through Ben Smith, the then Head of Experience. Consequently, the platform was redesigned in 2020 to make it more customer-friendly and maintain its customer base. This shows how seriously the company regards users’ feedback in an effort to optimize their experiences. 

There is More

By building robust relationships with other industries like ESPN+, Hulu has strengthened its brand and attracted new customers. These partnerships also allow the company to diversify products catering to various preferences. Furthermore, these collaborations allow the company to offer better packages like the killer package comprising ESPN+ and Hulu + Live TV that goes for $72 monthly. This package is cheaper than most cable TV options. 

In summary, Hulu is enjoying remarkable success because of how it keeps its users engaged. Its flexible and easily navigable interface allows viewers to interact with content comfortably, fostering retention rates. 

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