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MTV Wants To Put The Cast Of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ In A House Together To Complete Season 2

The cast and crew had completed 3 full episodes prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Producers behind MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings want to put the cast in a house together in order to complete Season 2, according to recent reports.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ that the cast and crew had completed 3 full episodes prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic but they, like many other shows, have had to suspend production in recent months. The idea of putting the cast in a house together is being floated in order to complete the season, according to their sources.

If the one house idea doesn’t work, MTV and production company Evolution Media are considering putting the cast in a bubble and keeping them in at least the same housing complex, although some cast members aren’t too keen on the idea.

“Some think having the cast all together all the time would create contrived and unnecessary drama — even more than usual — but others think the Jersey Shore-style setup would be great,” reads the report from TMZ.

Producers still have time to decide, however, as production on The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 is set to resume in October.

New season, new cast

The development is the latest twist and turn in the show’s short history. As previously reported, sources close to the MTV show weren’t even sure if it was going to return for Season 2 after premiering to lacklustre ratings.

Then, sources revealed that MTV was interested in moving forward with The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 but that star Mischa Barton wouldn’t be along for the ride. (Socialite Caroline D’Amore was set to replace Mischa before the pandemic hit but since quarantine, there has been no real news as to if she is still a part of the cast.)

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Mischa Barton will reportedly not be returning for Season 2 of MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings. Caroline D’Amore (right) has reportedly replaced her.

Early into filming Season 2, longtime cast members Spencer and Heidi Pratt opened up about the drama and revealed that there would be no shortage of conflict when the show returns.

“Before the quarantine, The Hills became the best show ever,” Spencer said in an interview at the time. “Like, it got so good. I was like, oh, my gosh. So, it’s kinda frustrating. … Once when we all get out of this, everyone will be so turnt up to go out that everyone’s emotions will keep going, but, it was really good before we got locked up.”

Heidi added, “And it’s only the beginning.”

Has MTV cancelled The Hills: New Beginnings?

Things seemed to be moving along swimmingly until news leaked that the cast was reportedly “furious” with both MTV and Evolution Media for putting an indefinite hold on the production of Season 2 due to the pandemic.

According to a recent report from Page Six, Evolution Media has been going to great lengths to ensure the safety of both the cast and crew during production but the decision was made by higher-ups at MTV and ViacomCBS.

“Evolution has hired an outside consultant, an infectious disease doctor and a team that will be doing the testing — and, if need be, contact tracing — if someone was to get COVID-19,” an insider close to the show revealed. “They’ve been in touch with LA County Health officials on a regular basis as well.”

In addition, the show had reportedly been planning on cleaning locations in between shoots and seeing as the cast is used to getting camera-ready, they were going to provide their own hair and makeup services. It wasn’t enough for ViacomCBS, however.

“The network has not told the cast why they were put on hold,” continued the insider. “Evolution spent months getting ready to start filming and now MTV has gone silent on them.”

“It’s shocking that when the world is starving for new content, they won’t allow The Hills to safely return,” the insider explained. “Everyone is perplexed. The Hills is a flagship staple for MTV and the cast is ready, willing and able to pick up filming again with LA County signing off on it. People are starving for content and they can do a ton of filming outside and in people’s homes without going into public spaces.”

It seems like Evolution Media’s answer to MTV’s concerns may be to place the cast in a bubble or even in the same house but doing so would dramatically change the show’s look and feel, which has to be a real concern going into an already shaky second season.

While we want The Hills back just as much as the next reality TV fan, waiting a few more months to resume production in a more typical way makes the most sense. Bringing the show back in a different format will most likely be too much of a shock to viewers and if they wanted to put the cast in a house together, they very simply could do a celebrity version of The Real World or The Challenge or come up with a new show altogether.

As the report from TMZ stated, however, it seems that all of this is just in the discussion phase as no real decisions have to be made until October.

The Hills: New Beginnings may return to MTV sometime next year.

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