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Mia Thornton Can “Understand Why” Robyn Dixon Kept Alleged Affair Away From ‘RHOP’

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Mia Thornton says she can “understand why” Robyn Dixon kept Juan Dixon’s alleged affair away from RHOP.

Speaking to Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast ahead of part 3 of the RHOP reunion, Mia explains why she thinks Robyn kept things private despite being on a reality show and sharing the details on her podcast.

“It’s a very touchy situation … and they’re trying to figure things out. There’s a lot of pain, there’s a lot of hurt,” she told the gossip outlet. “Does she really want to talk about this on national television, especially if they’ve already moved forward? Probably not.”

She added, “Because what happens is that it opens up old wounds. I get it. I understand why she left it alone.”

As RHOP fans are well aware, the alleged affair first came to light on social media before Robyn took to her Reasonably Shady podcast with Gizelle Bryant to share more intimate details of the situation. The decision to do so pissed off both fans and Bravo as the network had already filmed the Season 7 reunion by the time Robyn’s revelations came to light. (As a result, they are included an updated interview with Robyn at the end of the reunion.)

Expecting a heads up from her “girl,” Mia says that the affair will end up being discussed should Robyn return for Season 8. “Should it have been brought up? Sure, I think it should have. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to talk about this soon. But do I understand why she did it? Yes, I do and I feel for her.”

Mia Thornton reveals in a new interview that she understands why Robyn Dixon kept Juan’s alleged affair away from RHOP Season 7. (Photo: Bravo)

According to the interview, Mia has become close with Robyn and would have liked to have supported her friend through the ordeal. “I love her. It is so unfortunate because if I think about the cast and if you were to ask me, ‘Who’s the realest of the bunch?’ I would say Robyn,” she explained. “So I’m disappointed to know that there was something she was dealing with that I didn’t know about. I’m like, ‘What? Is this true?’ But other than that, I think … we should just be who we are: reality TV stars. The point is real, right? It’s R-E-A-L.”

Juan Dixon affair allegations

As previously reported, Robyn Dixon revealed on her podcast that she was aware of Juan Dixon’s alleged affair prior to filming on Season 7.

“I debated on whether addressing this because I usually, I don’t know, I don’t really give attention to stuff like this and people who want attention but I figured there were a lot of lies and things being misconstrued,” she told Gizelle in a January podcast episode.

While Mia may understand where Robyn was coming from by keeping such a big part of her life private, most viewers aren’t so sure that was the right decision.

Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs tonight, March 5, on Bravo.

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