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Mia Thornton’s Husband Gordon Claps Back At Peter Thomas After He Calls Out Mia’s ‘RHOP’ Reunion Comments

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Mia Thornton and her husband Gordon are clapping back at former RHOA husband Peter Thomas after he called out Mia’s comments at the RHOP reunion.

“Bravo, this is kind of your fault,” Peter said, addressing the network for airing Mia’s comments in a preview of next week’s RHOP reunion. “I take the joke for five minutes to promote my bar in Baltimore and my bar in Miami beach and you turn that five minutes into nine episodes and now my name is thrown around the reunion and in real life, I don’t mess with any of those women.”

He continued, “Wendy? I sat with her one time. I didn’t go out to dinner with her. I didn’t have a late night snack with her.”

Check out Peter’s video where he calls out Mia Thornton and her husband Gordon, below.

As RHOP viewers are well aware, Mia Thornton accused Wendy Osefo of hooking up with Peter Thomas on Part 2 of the reunion. The new rumours come after their debacle at Peter’s Bar One restaurant in Miami where Mia threw a drink on Wendy. (The two had been feuding at the table partly over Wendy’s decision to open a restaurant with Peter and the supposed talking he was doing behind her back to Mia.)

It has not taken long for Mia and Gordon to respond and they did just that in a new video posted to Mia’s Instagram.

“It’s interesting to me that someone who I thought was my friend, Peter Thomas, could say he ‘doesn’t know us like that’,” Gordon states in the video before listing off examples the group has socialized.

Gordon also accuses Peter of loaning $60,000 off of the Thornton’s to keep his restaurant going so it is clear the two aren’t going to take Peter’s original video lying down. He also pointed out that Thomas appeared to contradict himself by saying in his video that Mia’s rumours have hurt his business when he apparently told Gordon that the drama has helped his business.

Watch Mia Thornton and her husband Gordon respond to Peter Thomas, below.

Peter Thomas assault allegations

In other news, Thomas was just found not guilty of assault in Baltimore, Maryland, according to breaking reports.

According to The Baltimore Banner, the jury deliberated for less than one hour in Baltimore Circuit Court before choosing to acquit Thomas of second-degree assault. Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband was initially accused of drunkenly attacking a customer at his Bar One restaurant in Harbor East.

“We’re very happy with the verdict,” said his attorney, Warren Brown, according to the outlet. “This man is 62, has led a stellar life, built a successful business. And I think the jury rendered the right verdict.”

Part 3 of RHOP reunion airs this Sunday on Bravo.

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