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Kyle Richards Describes Lisa Rinna’s ‘RHOBH’ Exit As A “Big Loss”

The controversial reality star is departing after 8 seasons.
Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, RHOBH, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards is describing Lisa Rinna’s RHOBH exit as a “big loss” in her first statement about the somewhat shocking casting announcement made just last week.

“I will say [Lisa] was always very supportive of me in my personal life and my business life,” she shared in a Amazon Live stream on Wednesday (January 12), according to a write up from PEOPLE. “Any time I was producing a show or in a movie, whatever it was, she was always extremely supportive, and we had a lot of fun.”

Despite Rinna being personally supportive of Kyle, fans of RHOBH may not feel the same way after the events of Season 12 which saw Rinna face off against Richards’s sister, Kathy Hilton.

“People would say, ‘Why didn’t you speak up and defend your sister?'” she recalled, according to the magazine. “I can’t always explain things, but sometimes being quiet may look like it’s the easy way out, but it’s actually the hardest thing to do.”

Saying that she will “miss” Lisa Rinna on RHOBH, Kyle also revealed that she compartmentalizes the two situations and doesn’t view Rinna’s time on the show as tied to her feud with Kathy.

Going a step further to show her support for Rinna, Kyle actually posted a throwback clip on Instagram of the two cavorting during the cast trip to France a few seasons ago.

“I felt the need to post something about Rinna, throwing back to good times, because, you know, we did have a lot of amazing times on the show over these years,” she reportedly said on the Amazon Live.

“Lisa brought a lot to the show on her eight years of being on, and regardless of what happened last year – people have very strong feelings about what happened last year – regardless of that, she brought a lot to the show,” she explained. “And we had a lot of great times, and that’s what I’m choosing to think about and remember, even though that also makes me sad.”‘

“It’s very strange to think that she’s gone, and I’m not someone who likes change.”

As previously reported, Lisa Rinna is exiting RHOBH after 8 seasons and will not return for Season 13 which is expected to begin filming by the end of the month. Diana Jenkins, who joined for Season 12, has also announced she will not be returning.

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