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JWoww Is Not A Fan Of “Intimidating” Andy Cohen: “He Scares Me”

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Andy Cohen better watch out because Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is coming for him.

Speaking to Barstool Sport’s Out & About podcast, the longtime reality star opened up about what it is like to appear on the Real Housewives EP’s late-night talk show and she didn’t mince words: “He scares me.”

“He’s intimidating because you never know what’s gonna come out of his mouth, and as a woman, you can become very insecure very quickly,” she explained, according to a write up from Page Six. After Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi noted that she finds Andy to be “nice” and that the two have “history,” Jwoww expanded on her initial comments.

“Every single time I’m on his show, he asks me like, ‘What plastic surgery have you gotten done?’ … and I’m just like, it’s 2023, bro. Like, who gives a s–t?” she said. (According to Page Six, Andy Cohen didn’t make any comments about JWoww’s appearance on the August 3 episode and didn’t respond to a request for comment from the gossip outlet.)

Tip of the iceberg

While Jwoww may have been referring to her experience with the Bravo bigwig overall and not just one specific encounter, this is just the latest hit for Andy and the network. As previously reported on, Bethenny Frankel is pursuing litigation against NBCUniversal, Bravo, E!, and CNBC, alleging “grotesque and depraved mistreatment.”

In a recent TikTok post, the former Real Housewives of New York City star opened up about why she is going after the network.

“Some of you say that ‘people,’ overall, ‘sign up for this and they get what they deserve.’ This entire systemic change and systemic problem is not just about talent, it’s not about people who have made millions of dollars,” she explained. “It’s about production, it’s about people that are weak that have been used and discarded, it’s about manipulated contracts. It’s an entire sphere and space in entertainment that has gotten away with manipulation and exploitation without compensation.”

Jersey Shore star Jwoww joins NeNe Leakes and Bethenny Frankel in calling out Bravo’s Andy Cohen in recent weeks. (Photo: Instagram / Forbes)

The Skinnygirl founder blasted the reality TV industry as a whole, claiming any potential litigation from her team could mean the end for the shows as we currently know them. “The same things that people used to get away with in those areas people don’t get away with anymore and reality tv is a shining, glaring example of that,” she said. “[Reality TV] is the wild wild west and people do exactly what they want because there is no union and there are no rules and it is a faulty environment and there has been no governor, no principal, saying ‘This cannot be correct.'”

In addition to Bethenny’s fight against NBC, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes continues to call out Bravo and Andy Cohen, recently claiming in an interview with Carlos King that the entire cast has experienced the same mistreatment she has been talking about under his watch.

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