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NeNe Leakes Says The Entire ‘RHOA’ Cast Has Experienced “Unfair Treatment”

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NeNe Leakes is continuing to call out Bravo, revealing that the entire RHOA cast has experienced the “unfair treatment” she has been speaking about.

Speaking to Carlos King for his podcast Reality With The King, NeNe explained that while she can’t say much about her ongoing lawsuit with the network, the issues she is talking about are an open secret amongst the cast.

“First of all, I can’t say that much about it because we are still in our lawsuit but I had a love and respect for [Bravo] that I honestly don’t think they ever had for me. To this day, I still respect them for what they do — they do it great — you cannot take that away from them, they are great at what they do,” she told the Love & Marriage franchise creator. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t experienced enough to know that in a lot of these corporate places, they don’t love you, you’re here to work and they can throw you out the door any time they feel like it. I love them and I had personal relationships with them because when I started at Bravo, they were big but they weren’t big like they are now.”

WATCH! NeNe Leakes Says The Entire RHOA Cast Has Experienced “Unfair Treatment”

NeNe continued to explain that as the show went on, her relationship with Bravo changed. “I talked directly to the president of the network, directly to Andy [Cohen] and directly to all of the executives. I just talked to them directly, emailed them directly, called their phones directly…,” she said. “Today, they have grown so big that people aren’t talking to them directly… You’re talking to someone else to get to them and that kind of thing.”

She continued, “All I ever wanted on this show was to be treated fairly. A lot of girls, and people behind-the-scenes, know that there were things that were just not fair… at all. It pains me and hurts me how I fought for some of the girls that are on the show and how they did not fight for me to stay on the show and how much I fought for them to stay on the show… that’s very painful.”

NeNe revealed that she is confused by the lack of support from the rest of the RHOA cast considering they have experienced the “unfair treatment” she has been discussing. “All of these girls know there was unfair treatment because we all have been in group text messages where all of these girls have text and said they were feeling unfair treatment, that they didn’t get fair treatment,” she explained. “There’s no secret. I have the text messages, they have the text messages, we’ve all been in group text messages for a very long time since we have been on the show. So I know the complaints.”

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In a new interview, NeNe Leakes revealed that the entire RHOA cast has experienced “unfair treatment” over the years. (Photo: Carlos King / Reality With The King)

Going into further detail, NeNe dished that at times, the RHOA cast got together with Bravo to discuss how they were feeling but that changed in the later years. “There have been times that we have complained and we have all sat with the executives to talk about things that we felt were not fair and I just felt like I was not getting fair treatment and I feel I should have been treated differently and I should have been given better, fair treatment,” she said. “That’s it.”

Many fans are clamouring for NeNe Leakes to return to RHOA and while it seems like a far-fetched idea, the iconic reality star explained to Carlos that she is open to resolving their issues. “I want you to know I have always, from day one, been very open to sitting down and having a conversation to figure out how to work anything out, how to move forward… anything that we could to do move forward. I’ve always been very open to that, I can’t say the other side has but I have, I have always been open,” she said. “So I see a lot of people commenting and saying things like ‘Why can’t y’all work it out?’ and ‘Why can’t y’all do this?’ I’ve always been open to working it out… I’ve always been open to having a conversation, they have never wanted to have a conversation, or they have never wanted to move forward.”

As previously reported on, NeNe sat down with Carlos King for a two-part interview discussing her time on RHOA. In addition to talking about the “unfair treatment” experienced by the cast, NeNe has also discussed being paid just $10,000 for Season 1 and the demise of her relationship with Cynthia Bailey.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta — without NeNe — airs Sundays on Bravo.

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