Jen Shah Calls Out Lisa Barlow For Introducing Jennie Nguyen To ‘RHOSLC’

Jen is asking the questions RHOSLC fans want to know.

Jen Shah is calling out Lisa Barlow for introducing troubled RHOSLC star Jennie Nguyen to the Bravo hit in the first place.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Jen shared a TV Deets article detailing the unfolding Real Housewives of Salt Lake City drama and openly questioned Lisa why she would bring Jennie to her home.

“Hey @LisaBarlow14 why the fukkk would you bring someone that hates black ppl to my home??” she added below the TV Deets article headline.

While Jen often re-shares fan posts in her Stories, this post does appear to be Jen’s personal commentary. In the first photo, Jen’s Instagram username is clearly visible and in the second screenshot, you can see that this is her own Story post and not simply something she has screenshotted via a fan.

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Jen Shah took to Instagram to question Lisa Barlow over introducing Jennie Nguyen to the RHOSLC cast in the first place. (Photo: Bravo)

The RHOSLC cast have been reeling ever since racist Facebook posts belonging to Jennie Nguyen were uncovered earlier this week. After Jen posted her thoughts on the scandal on Instagram, rumours started surfacing that Bravo may have fired Jen from the show for speaking out as opposed to Jennie for her inappropriate and insensitive social media posts.

While those rumours were put to bed late yesterday (January 21), it is clear that Jen Shah still has a lot on her mind and if it is true that the cast is currently filming Season 3 and planning to confront Jennie on camera, we don’t blame her for being upset and questioning Lisa over the introduction of Jennie to the group in the first place.

Jennie, for her part, has apologized for the posts but her apology is not going over well with the fans or her co-stars.

This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted…

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays on Bravo.

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