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Ester Dohnalová Opens Up About Leaving ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire’

"I hadn't been happy in the show for the last two series," she said in a new interview.

Ester Dohnalová is opening up for the first time about her decision to leave ITVBe’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

“I’ve enjoyed my time on the show and it was a great platform for me to start my TV career but I’ve changed and so have my priorities,” she told Cheshire Live in a recent interview.

“I hadn’t been happy in the show for the last two series,” she explained. “We would film for hours and hours but then the show would be edited so much that most of what I had filmed would be cut or edited in a way that wasn’t correct.”

She continued, “I have no regrets about doing Housewives and I made some good friends but I’m not the same person as I was when I started and it’s not right for me at the moment.”

Ester quits the Housewives

As previously reported, Ester dropped the bomb that she was leaving The Real Housewives of Cheshire on the same day the Season 11 reunion aired.

“It has been a fabulous past 3 and a half years for me,” she posted on her official Instagram page. “Thank you @monkeynbc @itvbe.”

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ITVBe / Monkey Kingdom

Ester Dohnalová recently opened up about her decision to leave The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

“I could name so many names to thank to,” she continued. “Gained friends for life, met amazing people, learned about me. I love this show from the bottom of my heart, nearly as much as [producers on the show do].”

She then tagged the Housewives that she starred on the show with, leaving out new Housewife Nicole Sealey, interestingly enough. Ester had spent the season involved in a feud with former friend and longtime Housewife Dawn Ward.

After a shortened season due to the coronavirus pandemic, RHOCheshire is expected to return later this year with new episodes and the ladies are rumoured to have started filming the new season already.

New Housewives city on the way

The production company behind the hit, Monkey Kingdom, and network ITVBe will have their hands full entering 2021, as they’ve also partnered on a new Real Housewives franchise.

According to recent reports, The Real Housewives of Jersey—not to be confused with Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey—has been commissioned by ITV and will air on the boutique specialty channel next year.

“Filming is reportedly getting underway in the next week and The Real Housewives of Jersey is due to arrive on ITVBe later this year,” ITV shared in a statement on their website.

The Real Housewives of Jersey, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, ITV, ITVBe, Jersey Island, British Isles
Getty Images

The announcement may be confusing to fans as Bravo already has a Real Housewives of New Jersey state-side. This new UK-based show, however, will film on location in the British Isles, completely setting it apart from its American counterpart. 

Jersey Island is “an island of rediscovery where landscapes are just waiting to be explored,” according to their official tourism and travel agency, Discover Jersey

“Whether it’s the view from the battlements of a 12th century castle, a beach walk along Jersey’s unspoilt coastline or taking time to reflect while you watch the sun sink into the sea over St Ouen’s Bay, Jersey is there to be discovered.”

The new show is set to increase on the glitz and glamour already shown on Cheshire, with Henry Cavill’s sister in law Kiri Cavill rumoured to be joining the cast. (Henry is most well-known for appearing as Superman in the DC Comics Universe.)

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is set to return later this year.

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