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‘RHOP’ Reunion: Gizelle Bryant Continues To Stick By Jamal, Says Those Questioning Their Relationship Are “Haters”

She may have a lot of "haters" on her hands.

Haters gonna hate? Gizelle Bryant is continuing to stick by her ex-husband and current boyfriend Pastor Jamal Bryant, claiming in a new interview about the RHOP reunion that anyone questioning their relationship are simply “haters.”

“I can only worry about me and my kids and we over here living on fine street,” she told Insider in a conversation just days following the first part of the RHOP Reunion. “Jamal and I are fine.”

As fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac are well aware, Monique Samuels revealed in the final minutes of last Sunday’s reunion that Jamal has been cheating on Gizelle and that their relationship has been faked for her storyline on the show.

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Gizelle Bryant is sticking by her ex-husband Jamal, dishing in a new interview about the RHOP reunion that she feels those questioning their relationship are simply “haters”.

Not so, says Gizelle. “I have been dealing with haters my entire life and this was just another day in the life of, you know, people wanting to just be mean and nasty unnecessarily,” she explained.

“Somebody has a lot of time to be scrapbooking,” she said. “I didn’t care at all. I just felt like it was very thirsty and extremely pressed.”

It seems odd that Gizelle is sticking to this story, considering what came out on the reunion and Jamal’s failed attempt to explain himself over Instagram following the reunion’s airing. At the end of the day, Gizelle has always had so much to say about her co-stars and her relationship and if she wants to have a future on the show, she is going to have to be more real and more honest about what is really going on in her personal life.

As the Insider pointed out in their report, Jamal has revealed that he will no longer participate in filming RHOP.

Part 2 of the RHOP reunion airs tonight (December 20) at 9/8c on Bravo.

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