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Former ‘RHONJ’ Star Danielle Staub Attacks Andy Cohen On Her New Podcast, Criticizes His Use Of Grindr And Alleges He Is Using Drugs

Where is Teresa Giudice and a table when you need one?

Danielle Staub will never be on Bravo again once Andy Cohen hears the comments the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star made on her new podcast.

In a shocking clip that has surfaced on Twitter thanks to user @mikeslayydin, Danielle starts by doing what she does best, making slightly homophobic comments.

“Is Andy ready for his son to know who he is?,” she asked on her podcast, according to the clip, below. “Because the Andy I know would hit up Grindr and go on three or four Grinder dates in the evening. And these are people that are pretty reputable sources.”

It’s evident that Danielle doesn’t know any of this “scandalous” information first hand, but she goes on to make things worse by accusing her former boss at Bravo of doing illegal drugs.

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Former RHONJ star Danielle Staub has taken it way too far with her comments about Andy Cohen on her new podcast. She criticized his use of the gay dating app Grindr and alleged he is on drugs.

“I just don’t, I don’t even want to talk about the drugs, and the partying, not now anyway,” she said. “But we can get back to that.”

“I can accuse him all I want, I’m not talking about marijuana, I’m not talking about legalizing, I’m talking about things I’ve been accused of doing and he allowed to happen while he was doing the same things,” she explained, referencing the seasons on RHONJ where some of her co-stars said on camera that she was doing drugs.

“Is this really a spokesperson or really just somebody spiralling into, ‘Oh my god, I found Jesus’?” she asked. “No. Good luck. Good luck explaining this to your kids. I would have made different decisions, I’m not saying you’re immune to it when you have wonderful parents because everyone grows up differently but I’m saying I didn’t stand a chance.”

Going down the same old road she always has, Danielle begins to play the victim and whines that despite being featured on RHONJ, a very successful reality show for many, many years, that Andy didn’t do enough for her.

“He could have given me a chance. But he didn’t,” she said. “I gave him over a decade. But he just didn’t want the truth. But now you’re going to have to look at it from my perspective, Andy, and you being the last to know is on you now. Good luck.”

Danielle Staub is obviously extremely upset with both Andy and Bravo but what she has done with this podcast is completely blown her cover and shown that she did not quit RHONJ as she told fans on Watch What Happens Live a few months ago.

This is the same woman that has made homophobic and racist comments in the past so her blatant attack on Andy and her inclusion of the gay dating app Grindr may not be surprising, but it is pretty disgusting.

Where is Teresa Giudice and a table when you need one?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo next year.

UPDATE 8/26 @ 12:20pm: Some fans have pointed out online that in the same podcast, Danielle goes on to speak out about her sexuality and that she is bisexual herself.

Listen to Danielle’s podcast here.

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