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‘RHOA’ Fans Shocked After Production Removes Kenya, Sanya Scene From Season 15 Finale

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RHOA fans are shocked after noticing production removed an argument between Kenya Moore and Sanya Richards-Ross from the Season 15 finale.

The RHOA Season 15 finale aired just yesterday (August 27) and featured the women getting together to celebrate the release of the trailer for Kandi Buruss Tucker and Todd Tucker’s new Peacock movie, The Pass. Leading up to the episode, star Kenya Moore revealed that it would feature some creative editing as her big Kenya Moore Hair Care spa opening was cut from the episode but after watching the episode, fans noticed that another big Kenya scene was given the axe.

RHOA fanpage The Peach Report reminded viewers of a scene that was teased in the midseason trailer that showed Sanya and Kenya going at it during Kandi’s party but the confrontation mysteriously never made it into the episode. In the clip, it appears Kenya is talking to Sanya about Marlo Hampton but that hasn’t been confirmed.

“Not them cutting this too,” the page posted.

After seeing the clip and being reminded that the scene was cut from the RHOA Season 15 finale, viewers and fans expressed their shock and disappointment.

“Production is a mess because who wouldn’t want to see this??” one viewer asked.

“The producers are trying to cut Kenya and Kandi and it’s obvious,” another viewer posted on Twitter (X). “They both had real storylines, opening a salon and the journey to an EGOT. Sheree is boring and has fake stories, Marlo is fake and mean, and Sanya is forgettable.”

While many viewers are blaming the production team behind RHOA, most fans just want answers as leaving out a potentially big conflict between two Housewives doesn’t exactly make for the most entertaining reality show.

“There has to be a reason for all these cuts,” suggested another viewer. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

Kenya speaks out ahead of RHOA finale

RHOA fans are not the only ones upset by the creative Season 15 finale editing as Kenya Moore also took to Twitter (X) prior to the episode to share her thoughts on her spa opening being cut after first revealing that news last week.

“I wanted it seen bc it’s marketing and the show FOLLOWS my life,” Kenya said of her salon spa opening for Kenya Moore Hair Care. “My salon spa opening has a beginning, middle and end. The end (opening and completion) was intentionally deleted while others were focused on that fell out of the sky.”

Another viewer posted that it was interesting that Kandi’s businesses are all shared and Kenya’s was removed — and the longtime RHOA star agreed.

“#facts ALL her businesses,” she posted. “You can’t pick and choose and show random scenes that don’t support a full storyline.”

As previously reported on, Kenya Moore stirred up a ruckus among RHOA fans last week after she called out production for not including her spa opening in the finale episode.

Real Housewives fans have always been observant so what’s going on with RHOA should come as no surprise to Bravo. Unfortunately, it seems like production was given specific direction to cut certain scenes because otherwise, removing such potentially key moments from an otherwise lacklustre overall season just does not seem to make too much sense.

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs next Sunday, September 3 on Bravo.

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