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‘Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Reboot In The Works With Krissy Marsh, Nicole Gazal: Reports

The rest of the Season 1 cast are not on the minds of producers as they begin casting.
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Foxtel is planning a reboot of The Real Housewives of Sydney starring Season 1 cast members Krissy Marsh and Nicole Gazal, according to a new report.

According to The Daily Mail, the Australian company is looking at giving RHOSydney another go and is reportedly on the hunt for new women to join for Season 2.

Some of the names being floated are PR Queen Roxy Jacenko and Joh Bailey Hair co-founder Marilyn Koch, with Sydney socialite Christa Billich also reportedly making the cut. (Billich was infamously floated as a Housewife before Season 1 and did end up appearing on The Real Housewives of Melbourne as a friend of Gamble Breaux.)

Sheeva Tavakoli, who is the wife of celebrity plastic surgeon Kourosh Tavakoli, is also being considered to join The Real Housewives of Sydney Season 2.

According to another report from The Daily Mail, producers are looking to add more “likeable” cast members to the series for Season 2.

Real Housewives of Sydney reboot: Who’s in, and who’s out?

It seems that there is some credence to rumours of a Real Housewives of Sydney reboot, with Season 1 cast member Victoria Rees telling The Sydney Morning Herald that she was in talks to join for Season 2 but has backed out due to her son telling her it was “embarrassing.”

That same report implies that her co-stars Lisa OldfieldMatty SamaeiAthena X Levendi and Melissa Tkautz are not even on the minds of producers as they began casting for the reboot but Nicole Gazal (née O’Neil) and Krissy Marsh are reportedly locked in.

According to the reports, Foxtel has exercised its option rights on the series after its deal with NBCUniversal was due to expire in just a few months time.

With other international Real Housewives series putting their respective cities on the map, it makes sense that Foxtel would be looking to reboot RHOSydney. The series featured some of the most jaw-dropping moments seen on the Housewives franchise to date with a Foxtel executive at the time saying the cast was “nasty for nasty’s sake.”


The Real Housewives of Sydney aired for one season back in 2017.

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