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‘Love & Marriage DC’s Erana Slams Winter: “She’s Like A Gnat That Just Won’t Go Away”

The former is questioning the latter's position on Season 2 of the OWN reality series.
Erana Tyler, Winter Williams, Love & Marriage DC Season 2, LAMDC Season 2, OWN, Social Media

Things are heating up on Season 2 of OWN’s Love & Marriage: DC and following this past Saturday’s all-new episode, stars Erana Tyler and Winter Harris took to social media to continue their feud — and even jumped into TV Deets’ comment section to throw shade.

It all started on Twitter, with Erana calling out Winter’s place on the show after original star Monique Samuels exited LAMDC ahead of Season 2 (Winter was originally introduced to viewers through Monique). “Winter take your boring storyline and shove it up your A$$,” tweeted Erana, using the Love & Marriage: DC hashtag.

“I like Winter but I don’t know what her role is on this show,” a fan tweeted Erana in response. “It’s like production is trying to fit her in here and there w/ no real storyline. Weird.”

“That’s exactly what happened,” Erana responded, adding a laughing face emoji.

Winter, noticing all of the shade, jumped in to defend herself. “I have plenty to share, but we can’t control what is released,” she explained to the fan. “So far all we’ve seen a lot of is fake boobs & wigs.”

Erana, for her part, was not going to take the breast and wig dig lightly and threw some heavy shade right back in Winter’s direction. “Girl you know you need a wig! That damn birds nest on your head!! and get you some spanks to hold that pot belly in!!” she tweeted.

That may have been where the drama stopped had we at TV Deets not taken the conversation to Instagram (whoopsie!). After sharing a post featuring the above tweets, both Erana and Winter jumped into the comment section to continue their verbal throw down.

Winter jumped into the mix first, responding to Erana’s dig about her weight. “And I also said that I’d gladly have a tummy tuck after she referred the surgeon who fixed her,” she shaded.

“I will gladly if that’s going to help you,” responded Erana before the two got into a rather hilarious (sorry not sorry!) back and forth.

Winter replied, “Hold the line, let me birth some beautiful black babies. I haven’t hit menopause yet & I can appreciate not looking like the letter P.”

After trading insults over each other’s personal appearances, the drama didn’t stop there.

“And why would I want to copy someone who wears funeral makeup. I can’t ever tell if she’s alive for real,” Winter added in another separate comment thread.

“Girl, I’m the one you should be copying!! You look a damn mess ALL THEEEEE TIME!!!” Erana responded.

The chaos between the two LAMDC stars showed no signs of slowing down when TV Deets added in a comment “it’s going down.”

Winter, for her part, claims the fight isn’t all that fair. “Not really, Erana is not all that fun to combat. It’s like going at your grandma & it’s not a fair fight.”

Even Love & Marriage DC creator Carlos King jumped into TV Deets’ comment section, pleading for the ladies to take it easy. “Today is Sunday, ladies! Jesus said rest.”

Click Here to check out the comment section for yourself because luckily for fans, the shade didn’t stop with what we have included here.

Love & Marriage DC Season 2 drama

The drama between Erana and Winter has been showcased so far on Season 2 of Love & Marriage DC with the two originally getting into it after Winter sent Erana a DM explaining that the streets had been spreading hurtful rumours about her son.

Erana Tyler, Winter Williams, Love & Marriage DC Season 2, LAMDC Season 2, OWN, Social Media
Erana Tyler and Winter Williams traded social media insults over the weekend after a new episode of Love & Marriage: DC. (Photo: OWN / TV Deets Composite).

Erana did not take kindly to Winter spreading the gossip and the two have not seen eye-to-eye since, with a preview for next week’s episode indicating things are only about to get worse between the two reality stars.

Are you Team Erana or Team Winter? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and catch a new episode of Love & Marriage: DC this Saturday at 8:00pm ET on OWN.

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