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Monique Samuels Confirms ‘Love & Marriage: DC’ Exit After Just One Season

She blamed "contract issues" for her decision to walk away from the OWN reality series.

Monique Samuels has confirmed reports she is exiting Love & Marriage: DC after just one season.

Over the weekend, OWN dropped two new promos for Season 2 of LAMDC that mysteriously left the former Real Housewives of Potomac star out, sparking rumours about her participation in the series. Hours later, reports surfaced that Chris and Monique Samuels would not be returning for Season 2 of Love & Marriage: DC.

Now, Monique is sharing her side of the story publicly for the first time, taking to her radio show to reveal that she is exiting the OWN series over “contract issues.”

“Chris and I were actually planning to be a part of the season and we actually wanted to show how we were navigating our marriage issues because we know a lot of people can relate to that,” she said, which you can hear in the clip below.

“We actually went to our initial production meeting, we got the house together, kids hair laid, glam on standby, all of that,” she says of her preparations for Season 2. “The reason we didn’t start filming is because of contract issues.”

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Monique Samuels (left) has confirmed her exit from Love & Marriage: DC after just one season. (Photo: OWN)

She continued, “God works in mysterious ways because how convenient was it that this whole divorce narrative was put out there. But the fact that Chris and I, even to this day, we never even started filming and no one knew.”

“That wasn’t leaked,” pointed out one of her co-hosts.

“It just makes me wonder who leaked that narrative,” continued Monique. “The only reason there was speculation like you said was because there was this trailer and they were like ‘Wait, where are y’all at?'”

“So yes, it’s true. Chris and I will not be returning. At this point, I think we’re done with reality TV. Honestly, I’m just at a point in my life where I would never again allow myself to be devalued.”

LISTEN! — Monique Samuels Confirms Love & Marriage: DC Exit After Just One Season

She explained, “The contract has to make sense for me. And you know, when I’m filming, I’m giving my all so if you want all of me, you gotta make sure that paperwork is straight. No hard feelings, business is business and I don’t care about what anyone else is going to say about it. As always, the show will go on.”

She ended the conversation by expressing her support for co-stars DJ QuickSilva and Ashley Silva, and Jamie and Erana Tyler, despite their somewhat bumpy journey during Season 1. “Shout out to the Tylers, shout out to the Silvas, they are going to hold it down so make sure y’all watch Love & Marriage: DC this January and continue to support them,” the now former-reality star said. “They are DMV, they are local, and they are doing their thing. I love them.”

“But yes, Chris and I — The Samuel — we will not be back.”

Separation allegations

Listening to Monique, it sounds like she is exiting LAMDC because of the rumours she is separating from husband Chris Samuels. The drama first started at last month’s BravoCon event where Ashley Darby revealed the former Real Housewives of Potomac star was going through “life changes.”

After she was pressed for more information from Andy Cohen during a live taping for Watch What Happens Live, Ashley confirmed that Monique told her she was separated from Chris. Monique, for her part, went on to deny any split in a live video on her official YouTube page, placing the blame on a PEOPLE Magazine report that stated the two were heading towards divorce. (Interestingly enough, that article is still up — and remains unchanged.)

New cast members for Season 2

Despite Monique’s exit from LAMDC, production has already lined up new cast members for Season 2, sources have confirmed EXCLUSIVELY with TV Deets.

Sherrell Duncan and her husband Alfred have been filming for Season 2 of Love & Marriage: DC, according to our insiders. Sherrell, who is a fitness trainer and speaker, has been spotted filming with returning cast member Winter Williams although it is not yet known if she and her husband have snagged a full-time spot. 

Neil and Tasha Lyons, who appeared on Season 1 as friends of Chris and Monique, will not be returning for the new season and have not filmed. One other newbie also remains in the mix, however.

Love & Marriage: DC will return for Season 2 on OWN in January.

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