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Jeff Lewis Opens Up About Running Into Jenni Pulos For The First Time Since ‘Flipping Out’

The two still haven't made up since their explosive finale drama.

Jeff Lewis is opening up about what it was like to run into Jenni Pulos for the first time since their hit Bravo reality show Flipping Out ended a few years ago.

On Tuesday’s episode (October 6) of his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff and his co-host and former Flipping Out cast member Liat Gerszt dished about running into Jenni at a restaurant over the weekend, revealing that nothing between the two was resolved.

Liat, who apparently had a separate falling out with Jenni, immediately texted Jeff when she realized that Jenni and her husband had pulled up beside her car at the same restaurant she and Jeff were about to dine at.

At the entrance to the restaurant, Liat skipped passed Jenni, choosing not to say anything to her former friend and co-worker. “We haven’t spoken in over a year and a half and I didn’t feel like it was the right … I couldn’t be fake and be like, ‘How are you?'” she explained, as reported by TooFab. “I didn’t want to have a talk right there, so I just walked right by her.”

Flipping Out
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Jeff Lewis opened up about running into his former Flipping Out co-star Jenni Pulos over the weekend.

On the radio show, Liat and Jeff made it clear that they were still in their feelings when it came to Jenni, choosing to try to send over food and drinks repeatedly instead of being actual adults and going to see her.

“When he sat down, he was afraid Jeff was going to go up to them. He was trying to stop that drama and go, ‘Why don’t you send them drinks instead or buy them dinner?'” Liat explained of her husband egging Jeff on.

“I’m like, I’m not buying them dinner. That’s expensive,” Jeff joked, adding that they chose to send over drinks instead. “The manager came over and said, ‘They’re not drinking tonight.’ That’s not the Jenni we know. We’re not judging her for not drinking, it’s unusual.” They went on to explain that they tried to send over dessert before it too was denied.

As fans of the show know, Jeff and Jenni got into a massive argument back in 2018 as cameras rolled on what would turn out to be the final season of Flipping Out and seeing as we haven’t heard much from Jenni since, it’s clear that she, unlike Jeff, truly wants to put this entire situation behind her.

While Jeff’s radio show is entertaining, it’s clear that he still has unresolved issues with Jenni and instead of talking about her on the radio, it really would make sense to make some sort of genuine effort to reach out to her.

Flipping Out aired its final season on Bravo back in 2018.

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