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Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Ashlee Wants To Film ‘RHONJ’ Spinoff With Giudice, Manzo Children

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Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes-Malleo wants to film a RHONJ spinoff with the Giudice and Manzo children, she tells Page Six in a new interview.

Ashlee — who appeared on the iconic early seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey with her mother, Jacqueline — dishes that she was recently hanging out with the Manzo children and the prospect of a next generation RHONJ spinoff seems to make sense. (Caroline Manzo’s three children, Albie, Chris, and Lauren were also big parts of their mother’s story over the years.)

“I think that’d be fun!” she said of the idea, referring to the potential series as a “nice little spinoff.”

It would also be organic considering the group has stayed in touch since their respective mothers exited the series, revealing that she recently attended a birthday party for Lauren’s daughter Markie. She also helps to run the social media for Albie’s Dear Albie podcast. “I’m definitely closest with Al, but [I’m close with] all of them, for sure,” she told the gossip oulet.

RHONJ children spinoff: Who’s in, and who’s out?

There is a bit of an issue with Ashlee’s idea for a next generation RHONJ spinoff considering Teresa Giudice’s daughters are making a big splash on the current season.

“I obviously see things [online], and I’ll get updates from my mom, too,” she shares of what she knows about Teresa’s daughters. “They’re all doing really great things. I’ve always said, like, even when my mom and Teresa were at their worst, the trajectory those girls could’ve been on, given the situations that they were in, I think it’s incredible.”

Rounding out the potential cast would be Dolores Catania’s daughter Gabby. “She is just a rock star. I love her,” she explained. “She has such a big heart.”

While Ashlee would love to see Bravo pick up this spinoff idea for New Jersey she believes it could work for the entire franchise as many of the younger children stars are now adults. “I mean, hey, Andy knows how to reach me!” she joked. Plus, with Jacqueline Laurita recently making up with Teresa Giudice, who knows what is possible.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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