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Don’t Expect Resolution At The ‘RHOM’ Reunion Say Nicole Martin, Guerdy Abraira

Larsa, Alexia, Adriana, and Marysol have some explaining to do, according to the duo's latest interview.
Nicole Martin, Guerdy Abraira, RHOM reunion, Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 reunion

There will be tears and most likely yelling but don’t expect much resolution at the upcoming RHOM Reunion, Dr. Nicole Martin and Guerdy Abraira clarify in a new interview.

Speaking to OK! Magazine about all of the Season 5 drama, Nicole and co-star Guerdy reveal that although they felt “heard” at the RHOM reunion taping, the cast doesn’t exactly walk away as best friends.

“I don’t necessarily think things get resolved with everyone at the end,” Nicole explains, referencing her feud with Larsa Pippen and the fact that Adriana De Moura is currently going at it with Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton.

“We said what we had to say, whether people hear it register and take it in is a different question,” added Guerdy, echoing Nicole’s sentiments.

This season, Adriana has been trying to explain to Alexia and Marysol how she felt left out following the show’s cancellation back in 2013 to no avail. Nicole, for her part, says that the newbies are also having a hard time keeping up with the drama.

“It’s hard for Guerdy and I to fully grasp the depths of their relationships because they’ve been friends over a decade,” she told the magazine. “I think they each have their own perspective. Having talked to Adriana, she feels like Marysol and Alexia’s friendship continued to grow. They would have lunches and they would hang out together but they never reached out to Adriana to invite her. I think that left her in her feelings.”

Guerdy hasn’t exactly had a smooth season either, with Larsa taking frequent digs at the elite wedding planner via her confessional interviews.

“I’m the peacemaker and a good friend,” Guerdy explained of her position in the group. “When I see every single one of your confessionals literally dismissing me saying, ‘Guerdy knows nothing!’ and now obviously everybody saying the same advice to Lisa that I just said. She [Pippen] was just being very rude and dismissive. I’m confused.”

She continued, “That’s not a friend. Who treats friends that way? I don’t say anything at all about you in my confessionals, but she puts it out there in every single episode!”

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami drop Thursdays on Peacock with the reunion set to air in the coming weeks.

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