Bravo Executive Denies Hannah Ferrier’s Firing On ‘Below Deck Med’ Was Planned

"That's how it works in maritime law and we really had no option," said Josh Brown, Vice President of Current Production.

“That’s how it works in maritime law and we really had no option,” said Josh Brown, Vice President of Current Production.

A Bravo executive is speaking out about the current—and very dramatic—season of Below Deck Med, denying that Hannah Ferrier’s shocking firing was pre-planned.

Josh Brown, who is Bravo’s Vice President of Current Production, sat down with The Daily Dish podcast to talk all things Below Deck Med, and he actually shared when Hannah was fired is still one of the hardest on-camera moments for him to watch.

“When Hannah gets called into Sandy’s office, and Sandy asks her to sit down, and she kinda glances over and sees the photo on Sandy’s phone, and you see a look of worry in Hannah’s eyes and she tries to gather herself. That affects me every time I see the episode,” he told hosts Megan Segura and Erik J. Mac. “And I’ve seen the episode a lot.”

As Below Deck Med viewers are well aware, Hannah was fired in an August 17 episode of the show after Captain Sandy Yawn learned she was in possession of an unregistered Valium in addition to a vape pen. The decision to let Hannah go has infuriated the fanbase, with many calling for Captain Sandy and Malia White to be held accountable over the issue.

Brown also took the time to clarify that none of the drama is scripted or pre-planned, and that it was both shocking and disappointing to executives.

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A Bravo executive revealed in a new interview that Hannah Ferrier being fired from Below Deck Med wasn’t planned or scripted.

“One misconception I really want to try and address is, I see on social media that there’s this perception that Hannah’s firing was somehow scripted, and that is a hundred percent not the case,” he said. “We’re really upset to see Hannah go in this way in the middle of the season, you know? No one wants to see a cast member who’s been on the series for almost five seasons to leave in that manner. It’s sad.”

He continued, “But you know what? That’s how it works in maritime law, and we really had no option.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays on Bravo.

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