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Bravo Drops Surprising ‘Below Deck Adventure’ Trailer: Plus, Meet The Cast!

The first cold-water entry in the franchise premieres this November.
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Bravo is officially heading to Norway with Below Deck Adventure, dropping a surprising trailer for Season 1 earlier today (September 7) along with the official cast pics and bios.

Below Deck Adventure is the newest spinoff in the Below Deck franchise and takes place north of the Fjords of Norway. Along for Season 1 is an all-new cast, a shocking Real Housewives cameo, and par for the Below Deck course… lots of drama.

According to a Bravo press release, “Bravo takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht in the latest iteration of the Emmy Award-nominated franchise as passengers paraglide, explore caves and take extreme helicopter rides along the Norwegian Fjords. The series features thrill-seeking charter guests looking to push their limits for an unforgettable experience along the picturesque landscapes rich in Vikings history.”

WATCH! — Bravo Drops Surprising ‘Below Deck Adventure’ Trailer: Plus, Meet The Cast!

Check out the trailer for Season 1 courtesy of an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, below.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 cast

Meet the cast of Below Deck Adventure and check out their official Bravo bios for a taste of what’s to come on Season 1, below.

below deck adventure trailer, below deck adventure cast

Kerry Titheradge, Captain

With experience in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific Northwest and more, Capt. Kerry Titheradge is prepared to sail the Nordic seas. A disciplined and fair leader, Capt. Kerry has nearly 30 years of experience working on boats and has spent almost two decades in yachting. When he’s not in the wheelhouse, Capt. Kerry spends time with his kids in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. This season his leadership is put to the test when a crew member becomes insubordinate early on and he must relearn to trust his team. 

below deck adventure trailer, below deck adventure cast

Jessica Condy, Chef

Confident, enthusiastic, hardworking and passionate about food, Chef Jessica Conde has checked off all the boxes in her career except working on cold water. She brings her expertise as a certified nutrition coach and a specialty in Mediterranean and Asian-Fusion cuisine to the demanding charter guests aboard Mercury. With a strong hospitality background both on land and sea, as well as extensive experience in the Mediterranean, Chef Jessica struggles to adapt to the lack of provisions in Alesund, Norway. Though the guests are always impressed, Chef Jessica is a perfectionist, causing tension between her and the interior team. 

below deck adventure trailer, below deck adventure cast

Faye Clarke, Chief Stew

Raised in southeast London, Faye Clarke grew up a competitive person who is a winner at heart. At 21, she packed her bags with the help of her parents and traveled the world for over a decade. A woman of many crafts, Faye made a career transition out of the corporate world when she ventured Italy to join the yachting industry. Leading as Chief Stew, she will face the challenge of getting her interior team to work together as she puts pressure on herself to do well, all the while making sure she gains respect from her crew. 

below deck adventure trailer, below deck adventure cast

Kasie Faddah, Stew

A Seattle transplant currently residing in the jungles of Costa Rica, Kasie Faddah is a true adventurer and adrenaline junkie. After leaving the Mormon church, Kasie made it her mission to live her life defying the norm, making yachting the perfect career choice for her. In addition to exploring the world, her current passions include beach volleyball, aerial arts and flying trapeze. As a stew, Kasie struggles to get along with everyone in her department, causing strife on board.  

Oriana Schneps, Stew

Oriana has always been drawn to the water, starting by working in a Boston aquarium in high school. She participated in a scuba diving research expedition in the Bahamas while in college and never looked back as she set sail for a career in yachting. A hard worker with past experience as a chief stew, Oriana is determined to prove herself on the interior team. However, when she becomes tangled in conflict within her department, she must prove that she’s capable of rising above to get the job done.   

Lewis Lupton, Bosun

A graduate from the United Kingdom Sailing Academy, Lewis Lupton comes on board Mercury as bosun with experience working in the Mediterranean and an avid love for sailing. On his last yacht, he rose quickly from deckhand to first officer and is eager to work with a larger team and boat. An amiable leader, Lewis learns the hard way that it isn’t always easy to be both a boss and a friend as he manages his deck team. 

Kyle Dickard, Deckhand

Born and raised in Texas, Kyle left the Lone Star state at the age of 19 to pursue his dreams of traveling the world. After discovering yachting when he was in the Bahamas, Kyle knew working on deck was a natural fit and has never looked back. With over five years of experience on sea, Kyle is a strong deckhand excited to sail new waters. His southern charm often gets him out of trouble, but when he gets into a disagreement with another crew member, he finds himself in hot water.  

Nathan Morley, Deckhand

A lover of fishing and diving since he was a child, Nathan Morley always knew he’d work on the water. At 18 years old, he walked into a marina and jokingly asked a captain for a job. When the captain said yes, the rest was history. Now having worked in yachting since 2017, Nathan is an accomplished deckhand with a love for adventure, including axe throwing, hiking, snowboarding and yoga. Usually shy and soft spoken, Nathan comes alive for the charter guests and is a natural entertainer. But will too much time with the guests cause friction with his team? 

Michael Gilman, Deckhand

A resident of Long Island, Mike Gilman ditched his computer science studies for a life at sea. As a green deckhand with experience working on commercial vessels, Mike arrives to Mercury eager to learn the world of yachting.  While he loves the water and travel, he struggles to keep up with the demands of a motor yacht. With pressure from his deck team and cross-department drama, Mike must decide if the “white boat” life is made for him.  

Adventure is only the latest spinoff in the Below Deck franchise: Below Deck Mediterranean is currently airing on Monday nights, the network is re-running Peacock’s Below Deck Down Under on Tuesdays, and the original Below Deck is set for a new season later this year. Below Deck Sailing Yacht recently completed filming on Season 4 and is also set to return for a new season next year.

Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure premieres Tuesday, November 1 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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