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9 Ways To Watch Movies Together Online While Apart

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In today’s globalized world, we have fewer and fewer opportunities to spend time together offline. We will not list the reasons why this is happening, but let us focus on the fact that we still need to remember to maintain relationships with people with whom we have friendshiрs or family ties.

This can be done in different ways. One great way is to watch films together; Whether you are friends who are far away from each other right now, or lovers who have to leave your partner because of long business trips, watching movies together can be a great way to feel close to each other, as if you’re in each other’s company.

Below, we will take a look at the ways in which watching movies together online is possible and convenient, regardless of the distance.

Benefits of File Sharing When Watching a Movie Together

Before we move on to the ways that make it easy to watch films together, we would like to point out an important detail that will come in handy when watching movies jointly. Below, we’ll be looking at ways in which you can simultaneously share and exchange opinions (and more!) and therefore, you may need to understand how to select multiple files on a Mac.

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If you are wondering how to select and drag multiple files on Mac, open the Finder window and navigаte to the folder where you want to select the files. You can also select multiple files or select all Maс to select more files. If you want to select conseсutive files, click the first file and then the last file in the range you want to select while holding down the Shift key.

Once you understand how to select multiple files on your Maс, you can learn ways to share and enjoy them.

Ways to Watch Movies Together Online While Apart

Video conferencing

One of the most popular ways is to use video conferencing platforms. These include Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

  • Using these platforms, you can not only watch movies with friends online.
  • You may also communicate while watching them.
  • You can share your impressions and discuss the plot.

And this will be a way to maintain long-distance relationships to watch movies together online.

Streaming and Sharing

You can use special programs that allow you to synchronize a movie on different devices.

That is:

  • you can choose the same streaming service,
  • and watch movies together with long-distance friends and enjoy them.

Netflix Party

This is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to create remote rooms to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix together.

It has a chat. Here everyone can discuss the events of the movie while watching it.


It is also a browser extension that supports Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO. This extension:

  • allows creating remote viewing rooms,
  • has a built-in chat for chatting while watching.


Another online platform that supports a number of video services and allows users to create rooms for joint viewing.


Software that supports various platforms. One can create public or private rooms for both viewing and chatting.


Also allows you to watch videos online with a partner simultaneously and select movies from popular streaming platforms.

Virtual reviews and discussions

Virtual movie clubs and forums provide an opportunity to discuss various films with friends after watching them. Here one can share:

  • reviews,
  • analysis,
  • and impressions of a movie.

Аll the above mentioned methods allow us to do more than just watch movies with friends from faraway countries, they help people stay in touch and spend quality time together, even when they are far away from each other.

Regardless of your location, movie and video-sharing tools are becoming more and more accessible. Thanks to the development of technology and apps, watching movies with friends online has become both convenient and even more fun. You stay in touch and spend quality time together; all you have to do is choose the way that suits you best. Once you’ve chosen it, enjoy it. Namely, enjoy your evenings together, watching films with friends from anywhere in the world or with your partner.

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