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Who Is Faith Morey? Meet The New Star Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Lagos’

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Faith Morey is joining Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Lagos for Season 2 but before she sets our TV screens on fire, we thought we’d highlight the reality newbie and what to expect from her introduction on the hit reality series.

Just a few weeks ago, Showmax Nigeria revealed that Faith, a “former basketball player turned supermodel, designer, and actress” will bring her own specific “blend of charm and sophistication” to the reality series.

“I have always loved reality TV. I am a private person but for some reason, I wanted to experience it,” Faith tells Showmax about joining The Real Housewives of Lagos. “I also wanted to meet fellow hardworking ladies. And of course, the franchise needed a touch of Faith Morey!”

So who is Faith Morey? Find out below.

Who Is Faith Morey? Meet The New Star Of The Real Housewives Of Lagos

The reality star is born and raised in the city of Port Harcourt, the capital and largest city of Rivers State in Nigeria.

According to Showmax, she is a model, solar consultant, former basketball player, and an entrepreneur who first gained prominence on the public stage after she walked the runway in Nigeria’s Next Super Model in Lagos, Arise Fashion Week, New York Couture Fashion Week and Johannesburg Fashion Week.

Faith Morey is one of two new cast members joining The Real Housewives of Lagos for Season 2. (Photo: Showmax)

Successful entrepreneur

Faith Morey is also a successful entrepreneur as the creator and owner of her own clothing line, the Morey Faith Collection. The fashion line is “luxurious, elegant, and comfortable” and the clothing caters to “everyone” of all shapes and sizes.

The clothing line is “a brand focused on creating timeless versatile pieces that you will never want to let out of your wardrobe, can be restyled in too many ways to count and on a low budget that will make eavesdroppers and haters pluck out their sockets,” according to the official website.

Hoping to be an inspiration to other women, Morey hopes for every woman to become “the absolute best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.” She is making it a personal life mission to empower women through accessible, beautiful fashion.

In 2022, she opened up to GQ South Africa about her goal of inspiring women: “I want to be the reason someone finally opens up about what they’re going through. I’ve got first hand experience about life difficulties, the fact that someone carries it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy,” she said. “I think as women we need to give ourselves more credit for being single and finding the right partner instead of feeling like there is something wrong with us. I want legacy to live a legacy.”

Personal life

Faith Morey married Randy Morey, a Texas Oil and Gas country manager, in 2010. According to Showmax, the ceremony was a traditional one in the Rivers state and included an “elaborate White House wedding ceremony” in beautiful Lekki, Lagos. The two share one son together, Ethan, but ended their marriage in 2017.

Faith was asked about her marriage in a recent interview, explaining that she was “determined” to find herself through the process. “I was determined to delve into my life and ask difficult questions: who is Faith Morey? Not Faith the sister, mother, friend or wife; but Faith as an individual,” she said. “That way, my ultimate principles were born.”

“During those trying times, I became intentional with the things I do, including my time, friends who aligned with my vision, and being a great mum,” she told Sunday Beats.

WATCH! Faith Morey’s Real Housewives of Lagos Introduction Video

In an interview with Sunday Beats, Faith Morey opened up about joining The Real Housewives of Lagos for Season 2. “I always knew I was destined for TV, but I was utterly nervous when I was approached to be part of the show,” she said. “I asked myself if I was ready to return to the spotlight. I also wondered if people like me who had humble beginnings but broke through would be accepted.”

She added, “However, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be featured on this amazing franchise.”

That does not mean her time on the show did not come with its fair share of drama, however. “My experience on the show on one hand was a bit stressful, and on the other hand, it was undoubtedly an enlightening and learning process,” she explained. “I give thanks to the production crew for making me feel like family.”

Faith Morey can be seen in The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2, premiering September 29 on Showmax with new episodes dropping every Friday.

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