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‘Stars On Mars’: Porsha Williams Reading Lance Armstrong Is Must-See TV

Porsha Williams, Lance Armstrong, Ariel Winter, Stars On Mars

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta icon Porsha Williams is currently starring on a new FOX show called Stars On Mars and her reading Lance Armstrong on tonight’s episode is must-see TV.

Over the weekend, Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive clip of the July 17 episode featuring a heated conversation between Porsha and Lance after the latter admits to the group he wants to leave the show after Modern Family actress Ariel Winter confronted him over his opinions on trans athletes.

While the video didn’t gain much traction from EW, things got really interesting on social media once TV Deets re-shared the dramatic clip.

Porsha Williams, Lance Armstrong, Ariel Winter, Stars On Mars
Porsha Williams, Lance Armstrong, and Ariel Winter are some of the celebrities on the new FOX series Stars On Mars. (Photo: FOX)

“Ariel, let me make this really simple: I don’t need the drama. I’ve busted my ass for nine days and I’m going to bust my ass on the tenth day and I’m going to auto select myself to leave,” the infamous former professional road racing cyclist, who was later stripped of his title for using performance-enhancing drugs, told the Modern Family actress in the shocking clip.

When Lance clarifies that he wants to quit Stars On Mars, Porsha unleashes — and rightly so.

“Nah, I don’t like that. What are you talking about? That’s not even fair to the team to hear you say you’re going to opt out,” she said. “No one is giving up. I’m tired of people giving up because it’s really making the experience not fun. I thought we were having fun and I thought everyone who is here now actually wanted to be here.”

“But I’m giving you an option,” Lance explained, before Porsha shut him down once again.

“We don’t want your options. It’s fine,” she said, walking off. “We’re going to finish today and we’ll handle tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”

WATCH! Stars On Mars: Porsha Williams Reading Lance Armstrong Is Must-See TV

The clip spurred quite the reaction on social media, with many people noting how FOX had not used Porsha in any previous promotional clips despite her huge reality TV fame and avid fanbase of support.

“Porsha was made for television and you can’t convince me otherwise,” tweeted one fan.

“Porsha said absolutely not! You’re going to EARN your paycheck,” another fan tweeted, rather hilariously. “I’m over celebrities going on reality shows only for the check like you are robbing the audience from entertainment and seeing y’all play the game.”

“Whoever is marketing this show is dumb,” another keen-eyed viewer posted. “Do they not know Porsha is reality TV gold. Why is the Is the first clip we’ve seen with her in it.”

Perhaps the funniest response to the video is one Twitter user who joked about Porsha feuding with Neil Armstrong.

What is Stars On Mars?

Stars On Mars is a reality competition series that features celebrities living together in a base camp in Australia, designed to simulate life on Mars. The contestants must work together to complete tasks and missions in order to avoid elimination.

In addition to RHOA star Porsha, Lance, and Ariel, the reality series stars actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz, actress Tallulah Willis, NFL star Richard Sherman, comedian and actress Natasha Leggero, Iron Chef Cat Cora, Bachelor star Ashley Laconetti, former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, NBA player Paul Pierce, comedian Andy Richter, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, and singer-songwriter Tinashe.

Stars On Mars airs Mondays on FOX and if anyone from the network is reading this, TV Deets is always here should you need some help with promotion.

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