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‘RHOC’s Jennifer Pedranti Says Tamra Judge Has Stopped Speaking With Her

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RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti claims Tamra Judge has stopped speaking with her amid their ongoing Season 17 feud.

Speaking to The Wrap about joining the Bravo hit for the new season, Jennifer revealed that Tamra didn’t like some of what she said during her recent Watch What Happens Live appearance and as a result, the former friends are no longer on speaking terms. “I’m so confused,” the newbie told the entertainment outlet.

“On Watch What Happens Live, I was asked if Tamra is different on camera than in real life. And honestly, I wasn’t saying yes to be sh-tty to Tamra, but you have to understand, I didn’t know her like this,” she explained. “The conversations I had with Tamra outside of the show about my relationship with Ryan [versus] after getting on the show were a head turn for me. I’m like, what is happening right now?”

Jennifer Pedranti says she is no longer speaking with Tamra Judge (pictured), the one who brought her on RHOC in the first place. (Photo: Bravo)

When asked specifically if she is still on speaking terms with Tamra, Jennifer was clear in her response. “Everything took a turn after Watch What Happens Live,” she said, adding, “Tamra and I don’t even communicate on social media anymore.”

Not only has Jennifer’s friendship with Tamra taken a turn for the worse but she is also no longer speaking with Eddie, who was her fitness trainer for many years.

As noted by the outlet, RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti appeared on the July 19 episode of Watch What Happens Live where she talked about Tamra being different on camera than off camera.

“[She’s] drastically different [off camera],” the newbie said. “When Tamra’s on camera, she drinks. And when Tamra drinks, she turns it up.”

“Tamra and I are strained right now and I don’t know where it goes,” she told The Wrap. I know it’s just an ebb and flow. You’re going to see it go up and down as the show continues.”

She continued, “I trained with Eddie for years, four times a week. And I can only imagine what he’s being told by his wife. It’s a real bummer for me because Eddie meant a lot to me as a friend and a trainer. We had lots of very real conversations in that gym. It tugs my heartstrings for sure.”

In the interview, Jennifer revealed that she is closest to Shannon Beador and also mentioned that she is looking to stick around and would prefer not to be a one-and-done Housewife.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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