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Mady Gosselin Asks For “Peace And Privacy” After Brother Collin Slams Family In New Documentary

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Mady Gosselin is asking for “peace and privacy” after her brother Collin slammed the famous reality TV family alongside his dad, Jon, in a new shocking documentary.

“I never wanted to have to speak up about this in order to allow my brother the ability to live privately after the conclusion of our family’s TV show, but I’ve been overwhelmed by hate messages in the last few days and I feel I must set the record straight,” Mady posted to her Instagram Story, as noticed by Page Six.

“I do not owe my allegiance to any person(s), who has physically threatened me and every member of my immediate family (some incidents as recent as last year),” she continued. “Further, I will never allow someone who has exhibited hateful and even violent behavior towards others based in their racial identity, gender identity, or religious beliefs to be in my life.”

“Kindness, tolerance, love, and acceptance are core values in my life and I refuse to compromise them for ANYONE,” shared Mady, adding, “even my brother Collin, who has unfortunately made his opinions very clear in private.”

Mady opened up on Instagram about the hate she has received due to Jon and Collin Gosselin’s participation in a new documentary. (Photo: Instagram / Page Six)

One half of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s famous twins went on to explain that she has no interest in resuming a relationship with her brother after he and Jon spoke out in the upcoming documentary Dark Side Of The 2000s. “For me, there is no further conversation to be had about rebuilding relationships with anyone in my life after reaching the point of physical violence and hate speech,” Mady said in her statement. “I cannot speak any further on why Collin has done these things, just that I have witnessed them.”

Speaking out about the attention the Vice documentary has gotten, Mady explained that things have simply gotten out of hand upon the release of promotional clips and interviews. “I’ve had hundreds of people messaging my private accounts with the most hurtful words you can imagine in the last few days, all without knowing the full truth of what we’ve been through,” she posted. “I’m asking for peace and privacy (and no more hate mail) going forward.”

As previously reported, Jon and Collin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame on TLC are participating in a new documentary series for Vice called The Dark Side Of The 2000s and have made shocking allegations about their family, including that Jon does not know why 6 of his estranged children do not speak to him. Right.

“I have no access to the kids I’m estranged from,” he told Vice as part of the new documentary, according to a write up from OK! Magazine. “I have no answers, like none, it’s the worst.”

“I’d rather they be like, ‘you’re an a**hole, I hate you, you did this to mom…'” he continued, explaining that he truly has no idea why 6 of his own children don’t talk to him. “I have nothing, I have no closure.”

Jon Gosselin, TLC, Jon & Kate Plus 8, children, 6 children estranged, reality tv
Jon Gosselin and his son Colin have made damaging allegations about their famous family in a new documentary, forcing Mady Gosselin to respond. (Photo: Getty)

Clearly, there is more to the family dynamics than the public truly knows and Mady’s statement is an indication that this story is far from over.

Jon and Collin Gosselin was first introduced to reality TV viewers on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 back in 2007. The docuseries focused on the (at-the-time) married couple and their eight children: twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaeden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. The series aired until 2009, when a record-breaking episode documented the couple’s shocking divorce.

The series was later renamed Kate Plus 8 and aired for six seasons before being put on hiatus once again in 2009. According to recent interviews, Jon has no relationship with Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel, and has not spoken to Cara or Mady in 9 years.

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