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Blind Item: Book Party With No Book

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Blind Item: Book Party With No Book

This reality star came to Toronto a few months ago for a book event for her soon-to-be New York Times-bestselling memoir and this blogger was invited to interview her. While the reality star was nothing but a class act, the lack of books at this book event was very noticeable and the talk of the room.

After being asked for a billing address (twice!) and being promised a copy of the book, said book never arrived. This blogger followed up with the international streaming service that put on the event and was again told it was on its way, only for the book to never arrive.

Who has a book party with no book? It’s giving fashion show with no fashions.


Reality Star: Heather Gay

Book: Bad Mormon

Reality Show: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Heather was nothing but a class act when TV Deets interviewed her in Toronto just prior to filming on RHOSLC Season 4 but it’s a shame Hayu never kept their word and sent over her book as promised. Word on the street is no one got what they were promised from the event… Yikes! When is Peacock coming to Canada, anyways?

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