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Bravo Reboots ‘Southern Charm’ For Season 7: Browse Cast Photos And Check Out The Trailer

Four full-time cast members left the show after Season 6.

Bravo is rebooting Southern Charm for Season 7 and has given fans a taste of the drama to come, releasing the cast photos and trailer for the upcoming season.

Returning for Season 7 are Shep Rose, Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, and Austen Kroll, and they are joined by newbies Madison LeCroy, John Pringle, and Leva Bonaparte.

Southern Charm Season 7 Cast

Shep Rose, Bravo TV
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Shep Rose

Austen Kroll, Bravo TV
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Austen Kroll

Kathryn Dennis, Bravo TV
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm new, Southern Charm Season 7, Bravo TV, Craig Conover
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Craig Conover

Southern Charm new, Southern Charm Season 7, Bravo TV, Leva Bonaparte
John Valkos / Bravo

Leva Bonaparte

Southern Charm new, Southern Charm Season 7, Bravo TV, John Pringle
John Valkos / Bravo

John Pringle

Southern Charm new, Southern Charm Season 7, Bravo TV, Madison LeCroy
John Valkos / Bravo

Madison LeCroy

Madison, who appeared on Season 6 in a part-time role, has been promoted to a full-time cast member.

WATCH: Southern Charm Season 7 Trailer

As previously reported, Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo, and Cameran Eubanks all confirmed that they were leaving the show, paving the way for Bravo to refresh the cast and give the show a desperately-needed refresh.

Big cast changes

Cameran, for her part, left amid rumours that production was looking to attack her marriage on Season 7, which she ended up not being a part of.

“I was going to make a kind statement about why I decided to leave the show tomorrow however it has come to my attention that insidious rumours are now spreading and fake articles being written…some of which pertain to my marriage,” she shared on Instagram a few months ago.

“While upsetting, it sadly doesn’t surprise me as this is what reality television has come to nowadays and a large reason why I kept my marriage off the air. You must protect what is sacred to you. Some things aren’t worth a big paycheck,” she continued.

Bravo, Haymaker Productions, Southern Charm season 7, Cameran Eubanks
Bravo Media

Cameran Eubanks is one of the former full-time cast members who will not be returning for Southern Charm Season 7.

“What upsets me the most is that my husband, who is the most sincere and faithful human I know is being falsely dragged into this,” she said, referencing the numerous tweets and stories about her husband’s alleged infedelity.

“It disgusts me. He always supported me filming the show even though he wanted no part of the spotlight. I can’t get too upset though because this is what you sign up for when you put your life on reality TV… and why I’m getting out of it now.”

“Drama is needed to stay relevant on reality television and sadly false rumours about others are sometimes created,” she dished. “Make of that what you will and consider the source. My decision was made and given to Bravo months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumours about my marriage.”

She said, “Please disregard any fabricated rumour. It’s a ploy for ratings and that’s it. Now I absolutely know I was smart to leave the party early. My gut has never failed me. To all of the genuine and kind fans, cast and crew that I have worked with over the years and had the pleasure of knowing…thank you.”

An immediate success in its earlier seasons, Southern Charm lost track as longtime star Thomas Ravenel was publicly accused of sexual assault, leading to his departure from the show and leaving a gaping hole in story.

While the rest of the cast attempted to pick up the pieces, Season 6 didn’t impress and it became clear that the network would be looking to make changes should the show return for another round.

Southern Charm Season 7 premieres Thursday, October 29 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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