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The Popularity of Reality TV: Why We Can’t Help Watching It


We’ve all fallen into the trap of sitting down in front of the TV, fully ready to just watch one episode and suddenly finding ourselves too engrossed to stop watching. This phenomenon is doubly present in reality TV shows, where they tend to suck you in, but have you ever wondered why you can’t stop yourself from watching? Well, make sure to keep reading for the answer.  

The Impact of Technological Advancements on Reality TV

Before we get into the appeal of reality TV shows, let’s discuss the technology that helped it grow so much. First, we’ll start this off with the creation of streaming platforms such as Netflix, which have allowed more people to access such shows at any point in time using practically any device. 

This way, viewers can avoid missing out on an episode, and consequently on the drama. Prior to streaming, it was quite a common issue as people might miss out on episodes released at specific times due to things like time zones, or simply due to busy schedules.

We can compare this to another industry that has become more accessible, such as the casino sector. Now, people can play and access online casino for real money from their PC, phone, or tablet. This convenient accessibility has made it easier for players to enjoy casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots from any location and at any time, similar to the flexibility offered by streaming reality TV shows.

The casino genre has been gaining plenty of traction as millions of gamers are now able to enjoy their favorite games online. These can range from card games like poker and blackjack to games of chance like roulette and slots. 

And just as in the casino world users can access more games, since they’re not limited by physical space, the same can be said about reality TV. After all, virtual spaces have far fewer limitations and thus can provide viewers with more to enjoy and binge-watch. 

Thanks to the fact that reality TV is now easily found online, people are no longer limited to only seeing what is showing up on their country’s TV. We’ll once again use the iGaming industry as an example of why this is good for the industry’s ROI

Similarly to TV shows, online access has allowed casinos to go global, giving the opportunity for them to significantly expand their client base. In fact, the industry is reported to reach 593 million users worldwide in 2024. This simply wouldn’t be feasible if it wasn’t available online. Thus, for reality TV shows, this globalization results in increased viewership and, in turn, profit.

The rise of secure online payments is another factor that has impacted the reality TV show industry. After all, without such payment methods, people would be unable to enjoy the services, and the companies wouldn’t be able to earn anything from it. As it stands, most platforms accept payments via credit/debit card along with 

However, we are still waiting for the implementation of crypto purchases. Their adoption would be a significant improvement as any users out there who value anonymity and heightened security will appreciate this option. Even the online casino industry has adopted it and it has been welcomed with open arms thanks to the additional benefits of faster transactions at a relatively lower price.

The Appeal of Reality TV

As they say, curiosity killed the cat, but knowledge revived it. So, love it or hate, you can’t deny how peeking into the lives of strangers and celebrities can be appealing. Whether it is to see how the 1% lives or to simply enjoy drama without being involved in it.

While there are plenty of controversies about some reality TV shows being scripted, the magic does lie in the fact that, just like in our lives, you never know what will happen. Regardless of the type of show you pick, it will always end up being a rollercoaster of emotions. The emotions they tend to pull from us are borderline addictive, making us feel all the lows and highs as if we were the ones experiencing them. 

As we know, social media is rarely honest, so for once being surrounded by reality can be a breath of fresh air. Ultimately, reality TV shows are a great form of escapism from all of this and from our own realities.

Top 3 Reality TV Shows

There are currently hundreds of TV shows available online, but let’s check out some of the most popular ones. For those looking to take a deep dive into the life of legendary celebrities, there’s no better show than Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Here, you’ll get to see the behind-the-scenes depiction of the Kardashian-Jenner clan in all of its glory.

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If you’re more of a romantic, then maybe Love Is Blind could be a great option. Here you’ll follow a social experiment where 30 single people are looking to marry for love. The twist is that all of the interactions are done without them seeing each other, and only meeting the other person once they accept a marriage proposal.

Finally, we have probably the most iconic of reality TV shows – RuPaul’s Drag Race. Presented by the one and only RuPaul, this show follows Drag Queen contestants who compete against each other to become America’s next drag superstar. Of course, this does come with a significant cash prize, along with other perks such as notoriety from being immortalized in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.


Reality TV may be a guilty pleasure for many of us as it’s viewed as lowbrow entertainment, but it really shouldn’t be. It’s simply another form of content we can consume to entertain ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, next time you sit down in front of the TV, just grab some snacks and catch up with the latest episode of your favourite reality TV show guilt-free.

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