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‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4: Creator Adam DiVello On Filming Reality TV During A Pandemic

Season 3 of the real estate-reality hit dropped on August 7.

Selling Sunset creator Adam DiVello is opening up about what it may look like to film a TV show during a pandemic should Netflix order a Season 4 of the real estate-reality hit.

In an interview with Variety, DiVello was asked about Selling Sunset Season 4 and while it seems likely the show will be renewed, he isn’t exactly sure what it will look like.

“We don’t know. We’ve all been scratching our heads about that,” he said. “Netflix has other shows that are in production or are ramping up, and I think that we’ll have to follow their protocol. We have a really small crew on this show, believe it or not. It’s typically under 40 people so I don’t think we’d have a problem social distancing or keeping six feet apart from one another.”

He continued, “Our cast, they’re rarely that close and if we have to spread their desks out six feet then [we will]. Obviously we’ll take every precaution there is and we’ll just take our time and do it when the time is right.”

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Fans have been requesting Selling Sunset Season 4 ever since the third season dropped on Netflix earlier this month.

Selling Sunset features The Oppenheim Group, a real estate firm based out of Los Angeles, led by twin brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim. Despite dropping Season 1 almost two years ago, the show has recently hit a surge in popularity thanks to a few key cast members.

“We met with the entire cast all at once,” he said about the process of putting the show together. “We met with Jason and Brett, and the only person that wasn’t there was Chrishell [Stause]. It was Jason, Brett, Heather [Rae Young], Mary [Fitzgerald], Christine [Quinn].”

Davina [Potratz] came in after the fact, after we had started shooting,” he explained, adding that Jason brought her on to handle luxury condos and apartments for the firm. “She was the last one cast, so to speak. Chrishell was really the new addition that was brought on to the agency once we decided to make the show.”

Davina and Christine, in particular, have kept viewers talking as they seemingly feuded with their co-stars for almost the entire third season.

“I really wouldn’t want to comment on that,” he responded, when asked whether Davina was being given the “villain” edit. (DiVello is the creator of some other well-known reality shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills.)

When the reporter pushed Adam DiVello about the rumours that Christine’s scenes have ended up on the cutting room floor due to her trying to hard to appear as a villain during filming, Netflix shut down the conversation and DiVello wasn’t able to comment, further proving that the streaming service just doesn’t get how much of an asset Ms. Quinn is to the show.

If Selling Sunset does return for Season 4, expect some big changes in addition to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only has Brett reportedly left the company but some of the other agents, like Christine and Davina, might be thinking of going with him.

Selling Sunset is on Netflix worldwide right now.

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