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Former ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Spills All On Christmas Engagement

"If the right thing came along, you know, we would do it," she says of a return to reality TV.

Former Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury is living her best life and in a new interview, she spilled all the deets on her exciting Christmas engagement and whether or not she sees reality TV in their future.

Over the holidays, Caroline took to Instagram to reveal that she is engaged to former Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo, sharing a few glamorous shots of the couple immediately following their special moment.

In a recent appearance on RealiTea With Derek Z, Caroline shared what she is looking for in their upcoming wedding, how the proposal went down, and whether she sees reality TV in her future.

On what she wants her wedding to look like:

“I want to have no shoes. I want to be on an island. I want to have just my close friends. I want to make it really cool. You know, my first wedding had seven hundred and fifty people and half of them I didn’t know. And so I just want the total opposite. And, you know, it’s very funny because of course now all the questions have started about babies and all this. I mean I mean, maybe the oldest mother on the planet.”

“I hadn’t washed for six days,” she said about her surprise proposal. “I just woke up with Sergio brushing my hair and I’m like, what are you doing? And he was just so happy. And I was like, it was so bloody irritating because I was freezing.”

As Bravo fans may remember, Caroline appeared on all three seasons of Ladies of London, which was a partnership between Bravo and U.K.-based ITV and followed the lives (and drama) of American and British socialites.

At the time, Caroline was married with young children but quickly became a fan favourite with her witty remarks, glamorous outfits, and no-nonsense approach to the drama. When it comes to a reality TV return, count her in the ‘never say never’ group.

“I mean, if the right thing came along, you know, we would do it,” she said, making it clear she would want to introduce her new boo to viewers on her terms. “I mean, I watch him and me and I mean, it is so rare and so different. And he makes me laugh every day.”

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