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Caroline Stanbury Is Open To A ‘Ladies Of London’ Wedding Spinoff: “They Need It. We Need It.”

She seems truly in love with fiancé Sergio Carrallo.

Caroline Stanbury is open to a Ladies of London wedding spinoff, according to a juicy new interview with the former reality star.

Speaking with Derek Zagami of RealiTea With Derek Z, Caroline and her fiancé Sergio Carrallo dished on their new relationship and the possibility of having a camera crew document their upcoming and sure-to-be fabulous wedding.

“You need to do a spinoff of the wedding, Caroline Going Down the Aisle,” Derek teases in the interview below. “What do you think of that?”

“They need it. We need it,” responds Caroline. “I would love to do the wedding. Can you imagine, the wedding, the baby?”

“It would be crazy,” adds Sergio.

“I’ve got to do it for the women,” continues Caroline. “I need everyone to see how this works. I need everyone to know that he’s the needy one and not me.”

WATCH: Caroline Stanbury Is Open To A Ladies Of London Wedding Spinoff

Having described their bond as “best friends” and “soulmates”, the two seem to be truly in love and would clearly make for an entertaining reality show.

As previously reported, Bravo viewers first got acquainted with Caroline Stanbury on Ladies of London, which aired a few years ago and was an international partnership between the U.S. network and the U.K. equivalent, ITVBe.

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After running for three dramatic (and underrated) seasons, the show was reportedly cancelled due to high production costs but seeing as Caroline is now spending so much time in America, it’s time that Bravo — or any other reality network, for that matter — recognizes her draw.

For more of Derek’s interview with Caroline, be sure to check out the full video on RealiTea With Derek Z.

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