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Former ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Confirms She Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Former Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury has confirmed she has tested positive for COVID-19, according to new reports.

Caroline made the shocking revelation in a video posted to her Instagram account earlier today (January 7) and thinks she came down with the virus around the New Year.

“I feel absolutely great this morning. I guess I got it around New Year’s, but who knows. I wouldn’t have changed anything,” she said in the video, according to a write up from Page Six. “You can get it anywhere.”

“Today my eyes are a little bit heavy, that’s about it. I just feel like I’ve got a bad cold — my throat is sore,” she further explained, sharing details of her current symptoms.

The news comes just days after Caroline got engaged to former Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo over the Christmas holidays and shared the exciting development with fans.

“I hadn’t washed for six days,” she told Derek Zagami of RealiTea With Derek Z in a recent interview. “I just woke up with Sergio brushing my hair and I’m like, what are you doing? And he was just so happy. And I was like, it was so bloody irritating because I was freezing.”

In that same interview, the former Ladies of London star revealed that she and her new beau would be interested in reality TV after she opened up to viewers in three seasons of the joint-Bravo and ITVBe production.

“I mean, if the right thing came along, you know, we would do it,” she said, making it clear she would want to introduce her new boo to viewers on her terms. “I mean, I watch him and me and I mean, it is so rare and so different. And he makes me laugh every day.”

Ladies of London star Caroline isn’t the only Bravolebrity to have tested positive for COVID-19, with Andy Cohen and Family Karma star Vishal Parvani among those who have also openly discussed positive test results.

We’re wishing Caroline a quick and speedy recovery.

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