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Carole Baskin Says She Feels “Betrayed” By Netflix Over ‘Tiger King’

Well, duh.

Carole Baskin says she feels “betrayed” by Netflix after appearing in their hit documentary Tiger King.

Speaking to Fox News in a new interview, Carole revealed her true feelings about participating in the Netflix series. “I felt betrayed by them,” she said. “We worked with the producers for five years.”

“When they came to us they said what they were working on was Blackfish for big cats,” she explained, as reported by the NY Post. “Blackfish showed just a horrible, horrible life for dolphins and whales being kept in these concrete pools. After it, the whole industry of whale shows and stealing whales and putting them in aquariums came to a halt. To do the same for big cats, we thought [a documentary] exposing how the cub petting is so cruel would be great.”

Carole Baskin reveals in a new interview that she feels “betrayed” by Netflix after participating in Tiger King.

Adding that everyone on Team Carole jumped at the opportunity to highlight the issue, she revealed that Netflix may have downplayed Joe Exotica’s participation in the series and that she feels they simply lied to her over the entire ordeal.

“We were all on board,” she dished. “In fact, they said the name of their show was going to be Stolen Wildlife and they said Joe would be in it but in five minutes of it.”

“They totally lied to us about what their end product was going to be,” she continued. “The whole premise behind [the show] was that it was a feud. For a feud, you have to have two people that are feuding. I’ve never had a conversation with Joe. I’ve never even spoken to him.”

“I think they had to paint me into this kind of Karen figure that just drove him mad and that’s how this whole thing happened,” she added.

While we understand why Carole feels duped by the streaming service, she can’t deny that she hasn’t benefitted from participating. According to Business Insider, the series was viewed over 34 million times in the first 10 days of its release and even landed a spot on Dancing With The Stars as a result.

Tiger King is now streaming on Netflix.

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