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‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Star Hannah Ferrier Launches New Podcast

The reality star has her hands full.

Despite choosing to leave Below Deck Mediterranean behind, Hannah Ferrier isn’t about to slow down any time soon.

She has announced that she is set to host a new podcast which will be available on all platforms. Dear Diary, You’re Effed will feature the Below Deck star sharing anecdotes and stories from her teen diary, which is sure to provide endless entertainment.

Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier has announced she is starting a new podcast.

Check out the official description for the podcast show, below:

While packing up her old life, moving home, and prepping for motherhood, Hannah and her friends came across a stack of her old diaries. The years may have rolled by but the pages were undoubtedly Hannah. What seemed ‘oh so important’ at the time was hilarious to read back but they soon realized that the situations had changed but the issues were the same.

Jump into Hannah’s formerly private diary and answer the question … are we all just reliving different forms of the same shit we went through at 12 years old? And what’s more … could we learn from these lessons and pass the knowledge on to the next generation?

In addition to the podcast, Hannah is also expecting a baby girl in the coming months, her first child with her boyfriend, Josh and the longtime reality star also recently launched the Ocean International Training Academy which aims to help first-timers enter the yachting industry.

To say she has a lot on her plate would be an understatement but this is Hannah we’re talking about, so we’re definitely not worried.

You can follow Hannah Ferrier’s podcast on Twitter and Instagram @HannahsPodcast and the Ocean International Training Academy is also on both platforms. It launches on Apple and Spotify next Monday, August 17, the same day a new episode of the show airs.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays on Bravo and Slice.

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