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‘RHOJersey’ Season 1: Official Cast Bios And Taglines

The series is the first in the franchise to drop its entire season at once.

ITVBe has released the official cast biographies and Season 1 taglines for the upcoming Real Housewives of Jersey, also known as RHOJersey.

As previously reported, U.K. audiences are being introduced to their second Real Housewives franchise with new series, which was filmed on location earlier this year on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Below, check out the official cast biographies and get to know the new Housewives before the series debuts in just one weeks time.

RHOJersey Season 1 Cast Bios And Taglines

The Real Housewives of Jersey taglines, RHOJersey Season 1 taglines, Tessa Hartmann

Tessa Hartmann

“I’ve always been a big fish — it doesn’t matter how big the pond is.”

Tessa is originally from Scotland and moved to Jersey 5 years ago with her husband, composer and film director Sascha Hartmann. They have 4 children, one of them, Talia Storm is the singer/reality star. Tessa was awarded a CBE in 2016 for her services to the Scottish fashion industry who is described as an entrepreneur and PR fashion guru. Tessa’s building the family brand, she manages her daughter Tallia and loves to get the family involved in everything she does. She jokes she’s often been compared to the ‘Kris Jenner’ of Jersey. Tessa admits that she’s a ruthless businesswomen and describes herself as the ‘eternal hustler’. 

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The Real Housewives of Jersey taglines, RHOJersey Season 1 taglines, Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

“There’s only one thing I love more than diamonds and that’s attention.”

Kate has lived on Jersey for 30 years and is well known on the Jersey social scene for her gregarious character and jaw dropping outfit choices. Kate is going through a divorce and looking forward to a new chapter in her life. Kate and her ex husband used to run one of the island’s top hotels The Royal Yacht. Kate is known as the life and soul of the party: her outrageous outfits and dancing on tables. Kate is also passionate about charities and over the years she has raised huge amounts of money for causes close to her heart. 

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The Real Housewives of Jersey taglines, RHOJersey Season 1 taglines, Margaret Thompson

Margaret Thompson

“I am always realistic, I only ever expect miracles.”

Margaret moved to the island when she was 18 and has worked her way up from pot washer to the self styled ‘Queen of Jersey property’. Her property company sells all the top properties on the island and as you arrive at the Jersey airport there’s a big billboard of her face welcoming you in. Margaret is single, previously divorced, but is open to finding Mr. Right, however he’d need to fit into her hectic life. She owns one of the island’s best properties, a converted restaurant with a huge terrace where she throws extravagant and glamorous parties. 

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Jane Rayner

“Don’t hate me because I’m naughty, hate me because I’m cute.”

Jane is originally from the Midlands, she’s twice divorced and currently engaged and is hoping it’ll be 3rd time lucky! Jane has 3 daughters from the previous two marriages and she’s been living in Jersey for 6 and a half years. She’s very spontaneous and has the nickname ‘crazy Jane’ amongst her friends, she doesn’t plan anything and always has a passport, mascara and a pair of knickers on her at all times in case of last-minute trip decisions. She’s a self confessed shopaholic and believes every outfit should be sexy and she notorious for giving her friends fashion advice. Jane says some women on Jersey can be jealous of her looks, she often gets mistaken for being a fair bit younger than she is and the fact she doesn’t exercise, winds other women up. 

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Ashley Cairney

“I’m loud and I’m proud. No one can keep me quiet.”

Ashley Cairney is born and bred in Jersey and is a proud ‘Jersey Bean’. She lives with her husband Ben and their two small children. Ashley and her husband have been together since they were 17 and both run their own businesses on the Island. She is in HR consulting and he run’s a construction business. Ashley is known for being straight talking and she loves a gossip and enjoys the finer things in life. Now her kids aren’t small babies anymore she intends to enjoy herself and enjoy her affluent lifestyle. She says: “I love being glam, I’m all about the bling! Rolexes and diamonds.”

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Mia Ledbury

“In Australia I’d look out for spiders. Here I look out for snakes.”

Mia is originally from Australia, an ex-model who moved to the island 5 years ago with her husband Dan and their two daughters. She’s a stay at home mum but is keen to get back into modeling and update her portfolio. She feels like a newcomer to the island and is finding her feet slowly on the social scene, she admits it’s a struggle to build friendships on the island, she finds Jersey can be very judgmental and backstabbing. 

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Hedi Green

“If there’s an elephant in the room, you can be sure I’ll be riding it.”

Adrenaline junkie Hedi Green has been living on Jersey for 35 years, she’s a practitioner of natural medicine who has three clinics. She has been working with a spiritual mentor and often calls on spirit guides to help her for guidance. She’s been divorced twice and has three grown-up daughters who she is extremely close to. She’s known for speaking her mind but is also an encouraging and supportive friend. Hedi has been in a competitive skydiving team for 18years and has recently bought a Royal Enfield motorbike. Hedi describes her journey so far as going from lady of the manor to Lara Croft. 

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When does The Real Housewives of Jersey Season 1 actually start?

RHOJersey Season 1 will become the first city in the franchise worldwide to drop an entire season at once when it lands on the ITV Hub at the end of December. The full season will be dropped on Monday, December 28 and the first episode is set to air on ITVBe on the same night.

Will The Real Housewives of Jersey Season 1 be available outside of the U.K.?

RHOJersey is not to be confused with Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey but understandably, international viewers may be curious in watching the show as it provides a different flare and vibe than we are used to with the U.S. franchise.

For international viewers, TV Deets has learned that RHOJersey Season 1 will debut on hayu on Sunday, January 3 but it is unknown whether this will include the entire series, like in the U.K. At this time, there are no plans to air the show stateside.

The Real Housewives of Jersey Season 1 debuts on Monday, December 28 on ITVBe and the ITVHub.

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