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Teddi Mellencamp Admits She Didn’t Support Lisa Vanderpump After Her Brother’s Passing: “We Got Killed For Not Giving Her Grace”

The former RHOBH cast member made the controversial comments on her podcast with Tamra Judge.
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Teddi Mellencamp took to her podcast with Tamra Judge to call out Lisa Vanderpump for how she handled her brother’s passing on RHOBH and LVP, understandably, isn’t impressed.

On the Thursday, August 18th episode of Teddi and Tamra’s podcast Two T’s In A Pod, the former RHOBH cast member and returning RHOC star discussed Lisa Rinna and her mother Lois’ passing and how it has impacted Rinna’s behaviour this season, primarily at the charity event featured on this week’s episode. It was in that discussion that Teddi referenced Lisa Vanderpump and her brother.

“I do know the fact that we did not give Lisa Vanderpump grace after her brother passed and we had never even known she had a brother — she had no relationship with him, she didn’t speak to him — we got killed for not giving her grace,” she said.

“When I look at that history, If I were in a situation where a Housewife is dealing with death, I would give them more grace,” continued Teddi. “I know with LVP I did not because I was like ‘we’ve never spoken about him’, ‘you said you didn’t have a relationship with him and now this is our reason why you tried to get Dorit in trouble for the dog?’ Like, ‘that’s why you’re doing the bad behaviour?’ I didn’t understand it.”

LISTEN! — Teddi Mellencamp Admits She Didn’t Support Lisa Vanderpump After Her Brother’s Passing

Check out a portion of Teddi and Tamra’s conversation on Two Ts In A Pod, below.

Teddi Mellencamp talked Lisa Vanderpump and her brother’s passing in a conversation with Tamra Judge on their podcast Two Ts In A Pod. (Audio: Apple Podcasts)

Lisa Vanderpump has since responded to Teddi’s comments, telling her to stop mentioning her brother.

Whether you were Team Teddi or Team LVP at the time, only one of them has really continued to talk about the other in the media and that’s Teddi. Lisa, for her part, has the right to respond.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays on Bravo. The Real Housewives of Orange County, with Tamra Judge returning, is currently in production on Season 17 and will return in 2023.

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