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‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4: Christine Quinn & Emma Hernan’s Ex-Boyfriend Revealed?!

TV Deets may have discovered the mystery man coming between the two top agents.

The biggest storyline on Season 4 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset is the mystery ex-boyfriend coming between Christine Quinn and new Oppenheim Group agent Emma Hernan. Now, the up-until-now nameless ex has remained out of the show’s drama but internet sleuths may have just revealed his identity.

First, some background and SPOILER WARNING: Do not continue reading this article if you want to avoid spoilers for Season 4 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

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Christine Quinn (pictured, left) and Emma Hernan, a new agent to The Oppenheim Group, reportedly share the same ex-boyfriend and the drama unfolded on Selling Sunset Season 4. (Photo: Netflix)

During Season 4, new agent Emma Hernan joins the group, only for longtime star Christine Quinn to reveal that the two actually dated the same person and that their relationships may have overlapped.

Conflicting stories

According to Christine, she was dating the mystery man when she first joined the Oppenheim Group, only for him to suddenly call of their engagement. Three months later, Christine found out that he was engaged to none other than Emma, someone her close friend at the time, Mary Fitzgerald, had befriended.

If you believe Emma’s side of the story, she told Mary that she and her fiancé only started dating a year and a half after he broke up with Christine, meaning that Emma had nothing to do with their breakup. If you’ve made it through the entirety of Season 4, you know that Christine just doesn’t believe that but that the other agents end up rallying around Emma.

Mystery ex-boyfriend revealed

Well, the mystery man can now be revealed as Peter Cornell, the Director of Sports & Entertainment at The Oppenheim Group. TV Deets did a quick Google search of Christine’s real name, Christine Bently, and were able to find photos of the two on the 2015 red carpet premiere for the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. While there is no specific evidence that the two were an item at the time, their body language in the photos certainly says so.

TV Deets was unable to find any photos of Peter and Emma, however, but one sleuthy fan did manage to find an image of the two—and on Mary’s Instagram account, no less.

In regards to the timeline of events, 2015 seems to make sense for when this serious relationship of Christine’s occurred. According to a recent PEOPLE article, Emma came into the picture much later and seemed to meet the Oppenheim Group agents around 2017-2018.

“With any successful run in the stock market, you tend to kind of fall into real estate,” Emma told the magazine in a recent interview. “I bought my first property with [boss] Jason [Oppenheim] and that’s how I transitioned into real estate.” The article states that the purchase happened in 2017 and after that, Jason encouraged her to get her real estate licence, which she did in 2018. Emma reportedly joined the agency as an agent shortly afterwards, but left to focus on her vegan food business before returning in 2020 for the new season of Selling Sunset.

Mary Fitzgerald, Emma Hernan, Christine Quinn, Selling Sunset Season 4, Netflix, Peter Cornell, The Oppenheim Group
A group photo posted to Mary Fitzgerald’s Instagram in 2021 shows Emma Hernan and Peter Cornell. (Photo: Instagram)

While the evidence again doesn’t point to Emma and Peter definitely being in a relationship, the rest of the group does appear to be sitting next to their significant others.

All of the drama during Season 4 may have been a waste, however. The same PEOPLE article confirmed that Emma and her mystery fiancé, if it is Peter Cornell, are no longer together.

Selling Sunset Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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