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Netflix Removes Controversial Past Episodes Of MTV’s ‘Real World/Road Rules’

The footage in question surrounds contestant Tonya Cooley.

Netflix has removed some controversial past episodes of the MTV reality show Real World/Road Rules, according to new reports.

According to a report from TMZ, Netflix added two seasons of Real World/Road Rules Challenge to the streaming service recently but omitted some questionable footage while doing so.

In an episode titled To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip From The Inferno 2, footage of VeronicaRachel and Tina taking photos of Tonya Cooley while she was sleeping was apparently removed. The trio had been accused of ganging up on Tonya throughout the duration of the season.


Netflix has reportedly removed controversial past episodes of the MTV reality series Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

In the finale of one of the seasons in question, the contestants then showed the photos of Tonya to the other houseguests. She reportedly sued MTV over the incident and subsequent drama and the two parties settled, but no specific details have been released.

According to the gossip outlet, this all took place back in 2005 and as a result, Netflix didn’t feel the scenes were appropriate for today’s audiences and therefore, the streaming service made the decision to remove the episodes before making the seasons in question available to MTV fans.

If this report is true, Netflix certainly made the right decision to remove the footage. It’s possible to enjoy reality TV, especially something from so long ago, without having to re-live one of the contestant’s trauma.

MTV’s The Challenge was originally known to audiences as Road Rules: All Stars, and was followed by Real World/Road Rules Challenge and was a spinoff of two of the network’s reality series, The Real World and Road Rules.

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