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Ashandra Batiste Breaks Down The ‘Married To Medicine Houston’ Series Premiere (EXCLUSIVE Interview)

The Houston-based spinoff is Bravo's first in the medical franchise.

The Houston-based spinoff is Bravo’s first in the Married To Medicine franchise.

EXCLUSIVE: Married to Medicine Houston premiered just last night on Bravo with two back-to-back episodes and the drama has already popped off. Now, star Ashandra Batiste is giving her take on the drama and reveals exclusively to TV Deets that she believes Cindi set Rachel up.

In the first episode, Rachel Suliburk took on the courageous task of hosting a charity event with Houston socialite Cindi Rose, only to have shade thrown at her by Cindi’s crew. Ashandra has basically become an overnight breakout and in our chat about the premiere, she admits that she had warned Rachel about Cindi prior to that evening.

What was your reaction when Rachel told you she was meeting up with Cindi? Were you worried for her?

I told her “You have to watch it.” You need to be completely aware and don’t get caught off guard. They’re like little snakes in the grass and I told her that. She handled herself really well but Cindi pulls her own kind of tricks and when you’re playing with someone a little tricky, honey…

Rachel Suliburk, Cindi Rose, Married To Medicine Houston
Bravo / NBCUniversal

Rachel Suliburk and Cindi Rose on Bravo’s Married To Medicine Houston.

What was your reaction to Cindi’s friends making fun of Rachel?

We can discuss who needed a stylist at that event and it definitely was not my friend Rachel. I mean, they set her up! They put you in situations to see how you can fail and that’s where I’m glad to see she didn’t. They were trying to poke the bear but luckily they didn’t get bit. Rachel, she’s tiny but she has a mean bite.

So you believe Cindi set her up?

Yeah. That’s my personal opinion which is why I told Rachel to be careful. You can’t set up someone if you don’t know them. Like, she couldn’t set me up because she doesn’t know me well enough. Rachel was able to get lured into her little nest with the hopes of her being hopeful and being kind and I’m like “I told you to be careful!” Stay out of the nest!

It truly was shocking to see how Cindi’s friends treated Rachel and from where we’re sitting, it definitely smelled like a classic set up. Rachel went into the night with the best of intentions but it seems that what went down will steer the direction for the rest of the season.

Thankfully, we can always count on Ashandra Batiste to tell it like it is and it was great to see her sticking up for Rachel right there in the moment. Often times people wait until later on to address drama or issues between them but not these Married To Medicine Houston ladies and that’s going to make great TV for the rest of us.

Married To Medicine Houston airs Fridays on Bravo.

Media outlets: This article contains information exclusively obtained by TV Deets. We politely request that you credit and link to this article accordingly.

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