Q&A With J.B. Andreassi From ‘Selling The Hamptons’ (EXCLUSIVE)

J.B. and co. are back in a new reality real estate series on Discovery+.
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Reality TV viewers are most likely to remember J.B. Andreassi as one of the breakout stars of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House, but the lifelong Southampton realtor is now back in Selling The Hamptons, a brand new Discovery+ series.

Also returning for this new series are fellow Nestseekers agents Michael Fulfree and Peggy Zabakolas, and they are joined by colleagues Bianca D’Alessio, Mia Calabrese, and Kenny Arias.

Filmed in the summertime, Selling The Hamptons takes viewers inside some of the most luxurious listings on the market and it should come as no surprise that along with big money comes big drama. Ahead of the remaining episodes dropping on Discovery+, we checked in with star J.B. Andreassi to get the scoop on the new series.

It’s been a little while since reality TV viewers have seen you. Can you update us on what your life has been like since we last saw you?

JB: I’ve been working—a lot! I’ve sold or put in contract close to $100M worth of real estate since you saw me on Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix. I have helped design, finance and develop three single family homes in the Hamptons and probably most meaningful to me, I became a dog dad to my main guy Oliver. He’s an Aussie Shepherd and he’s one-year-old now.

What were your initial thoughts when you heard that Discovery+ wanted to move forward with Selling The Hamptons?

JB: I was excited. The platform really has a very loyal audience and followers who love home design, home selling and renovations, and architecture. This is a very sexy market for Discovery+. I think just as we were excited to be a part of their platform, they were just as excited to get us. We are hoping it will be a really special partnership with them. I think the pending acquisition by Time Warner could do really wonderful things for them as well (if, of course, the deal closes).

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to Bianca, who has been sent by Nestseekers from New York City to the Hamptons to help lead the team that you are a part of. What was your first reaction to Bianca’s presence in the office?

JB: She’s more bossy than I thought. Kind of like the teachers pet in high school, but this is the teacher’s pet of our real estate firm (look at how she interacts with Eddie). But all kidding aside, she is an absolute rock star agent and director in Manhattan. I think her extreme OCD and organizational and managerial skills will ultimate benefit all of us in the long run.

Viewers are also reacquainted with Michael Fulfree and Peggy Zabakolas. What has it been like sharing this journey with them?

JB: Michael’s my guy. He’s my best friend on and off camera. Its been amazing to share this experience with someone so close to you. Both Peggy and Mike have really progressed and grown as real estate agents and I am really proud to see where they started and how far they’ve come in a relatively short amount of time.

Your longtime friendship with Michael plays a pretty big role in the season. What is it like to be best friends who also work together? I can imagine that while being rewarding, that it could also bring along its own set of challenges.

JB: We get at each other sometimes. I think that’s the nature of being so close with someone and spending so much time with them. It’s all love, though. It’s kind of like how sometimes you can get pissy with your family members or need some space from them. It’s one of those things where the space becomes healthy and you actually end up missing that person by the next day.

This season, more of your backstory and family life is explained and it kind of comes out in a conversation with Kenny, who is trying to break into the Hamptons market. Being born and raised in Southampton, what separates you from the other agents in what is a very competitive market?

JB: My relationships. I have long standing and really great relationships with other locals out here, like the attorneys, building departments, appraisers, and inspectors. This helps me get deals done more quickly and effectively compared to others. Also, my knowledge of the area. I know property transactions that happened 5 years ago and how that transaction affected the valuation of the street where that house sold on. You only gain that market knowledge by being out here full time and studying so you can offer your clients and investment partners the most sound advice and guidance. 

You mention in one episode that a lot of agents feel it’s easy to come to the Hamptons for a summer and make a quick buck. Why is that so not true and what makes the Hamptons market so difficult to break into?

JB: The relationships and knowledge of the area. Both take significant time and commitment to cultivate. 

One of the big properties on the show is The Glass House, which is absolutely beautiful. You listed it for just over $7 million and both Michael and Peggy seem to have clients that want the house. What makes this property so special in your eyes, and can you give us a hint of what to expect?

JB: Just a completely different style home for the Hamptons. That house any where else in the Hamptons is probably at least double the price. But because of the location, it’s relatively affordable for being so large, so different, and so grand. No hints on what happens, you’ll have to watch!

J.B. Andreassi is part of the cast of the new Discovery+ series Selling The Hamptons. (Photo: Discovery+)

Bianca wasn’t impressed about the gardeners being around for that epic open house at the property. What is your take on that issue?

JB: She isn’t used to seeing landscapers because she’s in the city in big buildings all the time. It actually is a good sign for the people that are viewing the house… The property is being taken care of by the owners! Those landscapers come multiple times a week to make sure the properties are perfect. They were a little off on timing, but I’d rather them be there than blow off the day completely. I spoke to the guests afterwards and they didn’t mind at all. They actually agreed it was good to see the owners cared so much to take care of the properties in more ways than one.

Previews for future episodes tease more sales, and more drama. What can you tell us about the rest of the season?

JB: Bigger homes, bigger sales than whats been seen so far. Maybe someone other than Kenny in a speedo. Peggy and Bianca going at it. The season REALLY starts to ramp up now.

There are a lot of agents in the Hamptons but I’m sure Selling The Hamptons is going to inspire at least a few more to get into the game! What is your best advice for a new agent wanting to break into the Hamptons market?

JB: The Two P’s- patience and perseverance. Learn the business and understand it’s not an overnight success thing. You have to be willing to grind and take your L’s before you can really become successful. Also, brand yourself based on your strengths and personality. And when you do that, be yourself and don’t try to be anything other than yourself.

The first four episodes of Selling The Hamptons are now streaming on Discovery+. Be sure to follow both J.B. Andreassi and Discovery+ on Instagram.

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