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Kara Alloway Still Feuding With ‘Real Housewives Of Toronto’ Co-Stars (EXCLUSIVE)

Insiders reveal Kara has continued her dramatic antics behind-the-scenes, isolating herself from the other women.

EXCLUSIVE: Kara Alloway has been causing a stir on The Real Housewives Of Toronto during the show’s first season and according to sources close to production, she also has been bringing the drama behind-the-scenes, isolating herself from the rest of her co-stars.

Canada’s Real Housewives is set to wrap tonight and for most of the season, Kara and her antics have been the focus. Sources close to the show tell TV Deets exclusively that the drama is continuing to this day and the women don’t really want to have anything to do with her, aside from promoting the show for Slice.

On last week’s episode, Jana Webb, Gregoriane Minot, and Ann Kaplan Mulholland confronted Kara over her inappropriate treatment of Joan Kelley Walker and despite the show being filmed months ago, Kara seemingly hasn’t moved on.

“Kara is causing a lot of issues with the other women still to this day,” a production source tells TV Deets. “She hasn’t forgotten the confrontation at The Spoke Club and really feels like the other ladies are beneath her, at this point.”

RHOT hasn’t yet been greenlit for a second season but if it is, Kara is expecting to get her way when it comes to casting and editing.

“She is really causing a headache for production. She thinks that Jana and Grego were totally out of line for confronting her and doesn’t want them returning for season 2,” the insider says. “She even thinks they’ll give her a nicer edit next season, which is laughable.”


Kara Alloway on The Real Housewives of Toronto.

The RHOT ladies aren’t getting the chance to hash things out like some of the other Housewives cities as season 1 will not conclude with a reunion episode, TV Deets has learned.

“The women really do have a lot to say to Kara,” continues our source. “Especially Roxy [Earle]. She is really disappointed in how Kara has treated her and the rest of the group.”

Kara has been the villain this season and while the Housewives seems disappointed in her, all of the women need to return for the show’s second season in order to increase its chances of success. Kara may be a pain but she brings the entertainment value, and that’s saying something.

The Real Housewives of Toronto wraps Season 1 on Slice in the coming weeks. For more Real Housewives news and scoop, follow TV Deets on Instagram.

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