Hannah Ferrier On A “Difficult” Season 2 Of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ (EXCLUSIVE Interview)

In an exclusive interview with TV Deets, Hannah opens up about the new season.

In an exclusive interview with TV Deets, Hannah opens up about the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

EXCLUSIVE: When I first heard about Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, a new spinoff of the uber successful Below Deck, I likened it to Vanderpump Rules—but on a boat. Well, after getting a sneak peek at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2, it looks like we were spot on. Ahead of tonight’s premiere, I caught up with Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and got her take on this season’s rough waters.

You’re back for another season of Below Deck Mediterranean! I’m so looking forward to tonight. What made you want to return for Season 2?

As soon as I heard we were filming in Croatia, I was onboard. I have only been to Croatia for a holiday and absolutely loved it!

With Season 2, things are definitely on a different level when it comes to the drama. Are you right in the middle of things this year, or taking more of a back seat?

I would say probably half and half! I definitely start a bit of drama mid season but the majority of the season I am looking after other crew members issues.

Being a Chief Stew must be a tough job, especially with such a diverse group of personalities. What was your biggest challenge this season?

I would say the crew dynamics were really different this year. I had a hard time at the start as I really missed my crew from season 1. It was bizarre being out and not having Julia [Nolan] and Ben [Robinson] around. Also, the charter guests are always a bit of a pain in the backside!

What would you do differently this season, now that you’ve wrapped and are able to take a look back at the craziness?

I think I would hold back a bit more with certain crew members. I had such a great relationship with Julia and Tiffany [Copeland] last year and I’m always really close with my girls, so I just assumed it would be the same this year.

In the trailer, one of your crew members criticizes your role as Chief Stew. How did you take that feedback, and can you tell us a little bit about what led up to that moment?

Honestly I am so happy to take on feedback from my girls but two days before the end of the season… What’s the point?! I think it would have been more productive for her to approach me when she started feeling that way [initially.] I felt it was counterproductive and a waste of time.

The whole season was difficult with that particular crew member because she wasn’t happy in her position. But to me, you need to take responsibility for what you sign up for. If you want to be Chief Stewardess then go and get a Chief Stewardess position — don’t come after mine!

The sneak peek pretty much left me with my jaw on the floor. Tell me a little bit about the moments that shocked you this season. What can fans expect?

I think the fans are going to get a shock this season! It’s raw, authentic, drama filled, but it doesn’t feel forced at all. Every single person was tested this season both personally and professionally.

Croatia seems beautiful. If it were up to you, where would the show set sail from next?

I would love to do a season out of Italy or Spain next… Ibiza would be amazing but it’s so crazy there. Mallorca is also gorgeous, and The Amalfi Coast and Capri in Italy are also so breathtaking… I think we need to start filming twice a year in the Med to fit in all the gorgeous locations!

Describe season 2 for me in three words. Go!

Lust, betrayal, anchor chain.

It’s always great catching up with Hannah Ferrier and love her or hate her, she certainly brings the truth. From her responses, it seems like we’re in for one hell of a season and I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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