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‘Family Karma’: Amrit Kapai On Sharing His Personal Story With Viewers, His Bond With Vishal Parvani, And What’s Still To Come On Season 1

"Nothing can destroy our friendship": Amrit Kapai opened up about his friendship with Vishal, and the argument with Anisha.

Amrit Kapai stars on Bravo’s newest docuseries Family Karma and has arguably become a fan favorite just a few episodes in due to his upbeat personality and openness.

The series, which airs on Sunday nights after The Real Housewives of Atlanta, features a tight-knit group of friends and family in the Indian-American community in Miami, Florida.

We had the chance to chat with Amrit about what it has been like to share such a deep, personal story on reality TV, his bond with his co-star Vishal Parvani, and what else we can expect from Season 1.

What were your initial thoughts on the first episode?

I LOVED the episode! The laugh out loud moments with Anisha [Ramakrishna] and Brian [Benni], the honesty from Aunty Lopa and Aunty Reshma, and the unapologetic emotion from my mom when I came out to her. The first episode was a roller coaster of emotions.

In the premiere, we got to hear a little bit about what your experience was like opening up to your parents about your sexuality. Were you nervous about sharing such a personal story with viewers? 

I wasn’t as nervous as my parents naturally were. When I came out, I told myself it would be OK if someone in my network would distance themselves from me because of my sexual orientation, but I wouldn’t let that change who I am.

My parents, on the other hand, were nervous about me sharing my personal story with viewers across the country and the possible implications that may carry. 

It seemed like they are very supportive of you but they’re also very traditional, still expecting you to get married. For some in the LGBTQ community, marriage isn’t something that has even crossed their minds.

Will we see more of this conversation play out during the rest of the season?

Yes, you absolutely will. Marriage for my parents, and Indian parents generally, is absolutely necessary to maintain a committed, long-term relationship, and they’re not bashful about conveying that to me! 

Amrit Kapai and Vishal Parvani (pictured) have been friends for over 20 years. (Photo: Bravo)

You’ve been close with Vishal since you both were young and it seems like you have a great time together. Why do you think your friendship has been able to last for so long? 

I think my friendship with Vishal has lasted so long because we’ve encountered and survived so many ups and downs for over 20 years. At this point, it feels like nothing can destroy our friendship. 

Were you nervous at all about putting your relationships with your friends and family in front of the cameras?

Yes, I’m mostly nervous about my relationship with my boyfriend being in front of cameras because, as we all know, relationships can be complicated. 

What else can we expect to see from you this season?

Watch my personal and professional stories unfold! Time will tell whether I can stay committed in my long-distance relationship (especially in a city like Miami), and meet the expectations of the managing partners of my law firm with the build-out and expansion of the firm’s Miami’s office. Stay tuned!

Family Karma airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo. For more on the show, visit Bravo’s official website and Click Here to read our exclusive interview with Amrit’s co-star, Anisha Ramakrishna.

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