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CBS Releases First Look At ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ House Ahead Of Season 22 Premiere

The reveal comes amid a press tour that has seen fans left in the dark as to who will actually be competing on the season.

UPDATE August 3 @ 5:50pm: CBS has officially released the full house tour featuring longtime host Julie Chen. Check it out:

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans of Big Brother, we don’t have to wait any longer. CBS has finally released a first look at the Big Brother All-Stars house ahead of Season 22 and to say they’ve invested in some updates would be an understatement.

Us Weekly snagged an exclusive first look at the house—well, kitchen—during a press tour which has oddly seen fans left in the dark as to who will actually be competing in the season which premieres in just 2 days.

CBS / ViacomCBS

CBS released this promotional photo of the kitchen in the updated Big Brother All-Stars Season 22 house.

As previously reported, Big Brother Season 22 is set to feature an All-Stars cast but CBS has yet to reveal the houseguests.

According to online murmurs, however, the delay may be because the cast themselves have been plotting and planning ahead of the premiere and the network and production company have caught onto their antics.

If some Instagram fan accounts are to be believed, Nicole Franzel may be the mastermind behind the show’s announcements being delayed as some report that she is looking to manipulate storylines ahead of the premiere.

Big Brother All-Stars Season 22 premieres Wednesday, August 5 at 8/7c on CBS.

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