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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Daisy Says Gary Had “Three Years To Come And Get Me”

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There is a bit of a love triangle happening on Below Deck Sailing Yacht with Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher torn between former fling Gary King and fan favourite Colin Macrae but ahead of yesterday’s Season 4 premiere, Daisy revealed that Gary had plenty of time to make things official with her if he so wished.

“I feel like Gary was convincing himself he wanted me, but I think it was more his ego was hurt that I was kind of leaning more towards Colin,” the reality star told Page Six, confirming that Gary got a bit “jealous” of her hookup with Colin, which was teased in the epic Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 trailer. “Why did he care? He had three years to come and get me, and he never did, so like, f–k off.”

Fans were shocked when the first trailer for BDSY Season 4 showed both Gary and Colin pursuing Daisy and the Chief Stew reveals there may have been more than just lust to blame. “I also – I feel like they won’t agree with this – but I sometimes felt like I was a bit of a trophy and it was a bit of an ego and it was like, you know, which guy got the girl,” explained Daisy. “There were several conversations throughout the season, and the conversation kept going around in circles and it created tension. I don’t necessarily think necessarily between me and Gary, but definitely between the three of us that was difficult to navigate.”

Daisy Kelliher, Glenn Shephard, Gary King, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Sailing 4, Below Deck Sailing, Bravo, Bravo TV, TV Deets
Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Daisy Kelliher, Captain Glenn Shephard, and Gary King are all back for Season 4. (Photo: Bravo /TV Deets Composite).

Daisy also confirmed in the interview with Page Six that she filmed a scene with Gary that will air later this season where he said he was “jealous” of her relationship with Colin. “I think, as humans, if you shared something intimate with someone, it’s normal to be jealous, on that level of jealousy,” she teased of the drama. “I don’t know.”

Despite Gary’s allegations in the trailer, Daisy also mentioned that she did not go after Colin to spite him. “I 100 percent don’t go around spitefully hooking up unless you did something really malicious,” she said.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the best Below Deck franchise on Bravo and this new dynamic between Daisy, Gary, and Colin is surely going to keep fans hooked all season long. New episodes air Mondays.

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