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Andy Cohen Confirms ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Editing Rumours: “We Just Wound Up Cutting It All Out”

Some fans think Kathy Hilton and her lawyers are responsible.
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Andy Cohen has confirmed rumours that crafty editing was at play during the RHOBH reunion, revealing on his SiriusXM radio show that Bravo did in fact choose to edit out a lot of what was discussed back in September.

In the now-infamous RHOBH Season 12 reunion trailer, Lisa Rinna was shown having manila envelopes on deck to handle her showdown with Kathy Hilton but none of that made it in to the final edit.

“We just wound up cutting it all out,” he explained on the October 31 episode of his radio show, according to a write up from Page Six. “There were a lot of decisions made in the edit to cut down many conversations.”

Despite the crafty editing, the Bravo boss confirmed that “every topic” from the season was not only discussed during the RHOBH reunion taping but that the cast “beat to death” a few different topics, adding that the group “filmed for a very long time” and “talked about a lot.”

“We had a lot to get into three episodes,” he continued. “If [the reunion] had been any longer, I feel like everyone would’ve complained that it was too long, but now people are complaining, ‘Why didn’t you talk about this more? Why didn’t you talk about that more?'”

In addition to Lisa Rinna’s feud with Kathy Hilton and what exactly went down in Aspen, she was also expected to face off with Sutton Stracke over her comments about the Elton John charity function on Watch What Happens Live, which dominated the earlier part of Season 12 and resulted in Rinna’s infamous line “I will f***ing hunt you down.”

Immediately following the episodes, fans began to suspect some things had been carefully edited or all-out removed from the episodes, with Kathy Hilton’s appearance in particular being called out for being edited down to just the final part. Despite the critiques — and Andy Cohen apologizing for how he handled Garcelle Beauvais during the RHOBH reunion — the drama resulted in the highest ratings for all of Season 12 so Bravo must be pretty pleased with the current state of Beverly Hills.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return with Season 13 sometime in 2023.

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